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What kind of game accounts make money?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Do you play mobile games, and ever felt like your account must be worth SOMETHING after investing months/years time and effort into it? Afterall, time is money.

You got rare skins, climbed up the ranks, and collected what there is to collect. Surely, you are not going to let it rot into oblivion now that you are moving on to greater things in life?

Well, you can actually sell them for good money after a quick appraisal. Let's look at a few quick ways to tell whether your mobile game account is worth selling.

1. Does your mobile game have a hot market?

We will elaborate more on various ways to identify viral games in a separate post, but mobile games that contain any/some of the below 3 elements tend to have a stronger demand from fellow gamers due to the time and effort required:


Games that have a structured progression and competition element with other players, where skills are needed. e.g. PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale etc.

"Gacha" or Luck-based mechanics

Your game incorporate "loot boxes" concepts where the chance of getting a super/rare item is usually very low, and real-money is also required to get more chances to try your luck repeatedly. e.g. Fate Grand Order, Epic 7, Summoner Wars (yes, its still very much alive!), or even Love Life All Stars etc.

Collectible items/skins

Special items/skins made available through achievements, in-game currency or real-money. More valuable if they are limited edition (no longer available).

In fact, more and more games are incorporating and mixing these elements to drive players to do more in-game purchases.

2. Does your account have rare valuable items or high progression?

We mentioned earlier that Time is Money. When the items in your account are hard to obtain (either through time invested or skills required) or cost a certain amount of real-money, the overall value increases. Some examples:

  • Fortnite with every achievement skins since Chapter 1

  • Mobile Legends in Mythic rank, max emblem(s), all heroes unlocked & 100+ skins

  • Clash Royale with all units unlocked and their level maxed out

  • Epic 7 with 40+ 5-stars heroes with PvE and PvP teams all geared up

We tend to call these high-end accounts and associate them with at least hundreds or thousands of dollars value. These accounts tend to be objects of love (or obsession) until their owner need to move on and highly recommend they get traded on a payment protected platform like ZeusX.

3. Can your account be a good starter or smurf account?

Sometimes you don't need 1000 hours invested into a game before it yields value. There are at least 2 types of accounts that can be sold as entry level accounts:

Starter Accounts - Gacha games

These games (FGO, 7DS, Epic 7 etc) typically provide extra bonus for a beginning player to get powerful heroes/units into their teams. It is expected that the chance to randomly draw these 5-stars or Super Super Rare heroes will be in the range of 0.1% to 1-2% otherwise. Even among them, there are always favorites or most powerful heroes that rank up high on the tier list.

So if you drew a couple of these favorites in your first few hours of playing, you can always re-package them as Starter Accounts and sell them for a premium. Depending on various factors, you can sell from a few dollars to even $100.

Smurf Account - Esports games

For some competitive games, there is a minimum requirement to enter the Ranked matches. Example, to play Ranked games in Mobile Legends, you need to be of level 8 and has at least 5 heroes. In DOTA 2, you need 100 hours of logged gameplay. There are always demands from highly skilled players to "come down" and play without the stress of their main account. Hey, we don't judge.

For these, all you need to put in are the hours to grind through, and sell the account with certain value (from a few dollars to maybe $20-$30?).

4. Anything in between

More often than not, you have something in between (not very high-end and worth more than starter/smurf accounts). This is where pricing your sales become pretty subjective and very dependent on these various factors:

  • how "hot" is your game market

  • what you have inside the account

  • how desperate are you (willing to wait?)

  • how much are your fellow sellers selling similar items

Games Trading can provide a decent side income or for serious folks, even a full-time job. If you want to find out more or just simply check out what kind of accounts or in-game items people are selling at ZeusX, sign-up here:

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