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Top 5 Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends - Sept 2020

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Fighters are close range combatants in Mobile Legends (MLBB) that possess a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. While they don't have as much durability as a tank or as much damage as an assassin, a fighter's damage will add up over time to make it a major threat. Each fighter has a unique blend of mobility, damage, crowd-control and tanky-ness, making it a great multi-purpose combatant often also good at certain aspects - such as Off Tank, Crowd Controller, or Tank and Assassin. The role is versatile depending on the team lineup, sometimes to be used in soloing a lane or in accompanying an ally.

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Not following any particular sequence, here are the Top 5 Fighters in Mobile Legends that will help you dominate or easily level up in ranked games:

1. Yu Zhong - The Black Dragon

Black Dragon Yu Zhong, the deadly foe of the Oriental Fighters, was newly introduced in June 2020. Immense crowd control and strong mobility, in combination with the Black Dragon transformation, grant Yu Zhong the prowess as a killing machine, high percentage wins, and looking really cool. Needless to say, he has been nerfed a couple of times, but he is still at top-tier.

Outstanding points:

  • Yu Zhong can really sustain alot of damage, through his passive "Cursing Touch" which regenerate his lost HP as accumulated "Sha Residue" on enemy heroes erupts, making him an excellent candidate to be an off-tank

  • Great AOE skills - all his active skills affect multiple enemy heroes. In fact, except for "Dragon Tail", all the other skills also afflict some CC status (like stun or knock-back) to others

  • Escape easily, with his heightened movement speed gained via "Sha Essence" and CC skills often synergizing well together

  • He can dish out good damage, despite the recent nerfs

  • All-rounded / do-it-all - Initiator + CC + Damage + Tank-it-all. His ultimate ("Black Dragon Form"), knocks back enemy heroes, improves Cast Range of all his skills and increasing his max HP remains one of the more overpowered skill for both offensive and defensive purposes. Have fun in team fights/ganks!

2. Badang - Tribal Warrior

Badang is a legendary warrior based in South-East Asian lore, transformed into a fearless MLBB fighter hero who charges into the fight, bursting down enemies with his powerful punches and keeping them locked in. His unique mix of crowd-control, AOE damage, shields and burst enable him to take-down key targets and add super DPS into team fights when positioned properly

Why we like him:

  • Great Gap Closer with his Fist Break (Skill #2) , which not only allow Badang to dash towards his target, but also create an obstacle at the end of the path, boxing in escaping enemies

  • Knock-backs and Immunity - His Passive, "Chivalry Fist", activates a knock-back and bonus damage every 4th basic attack, as well as stunning enemies if they are knocked back to an obstacle (see a pattern now?). When he activates his Ultimate "Fist Crack", each of his fist winds count as a basic attack and Badang gets a shield that absorbs damage while granting him immune to control effects

  • Looking at above, a 2-1-3 combo is pretty effective to inflict great harm on the enemy team!

  • Team fight champion - With good positioning, even if Badang has bad farming, he's able to contribute fantastic DPS with his Ultimate and block escape routes

3. X.Borg - Firaga Armor

X.Borg, a man who equips the powerful Firaga Armor, specializes in dealing sustained damage and bursting, and can penetrate the armor of tank heroes with his True Damage. You see that flame-thrower dude flying around setting folks on fire? That's him. He is most defined by his burning AOE and Firaga Armor which inherits his Max HP and takes all damage, allowing the actual hero to disengage when armor is destroyed.

What makes him a top-pick?

  • 2 HP Bars - X.Borg is a particular durable fighter when his "Firaga Armor" is active, and get a chance to make another last attempt to escape armor-less if his Max HP is used up. As long as you master and time your disengagement roll upon the destruction of your armor, its almost like a 2nd chance at living every time

  • Good at harassing & burst damage - In team fights, he is an absolute machine in applying wide-and-far massive burns and AOE damage onto enemies, while collecting dropped armor from them (regen). He can also often bait out enemy crowd control or Ultimates by knowing when to eject and escape once armor-less.

  • Good Crowd Control - His Skill #1 "Fire Missiles" slow enemies down, while his Skill #2 "Fire Skate" will actually pull the enemies towards him when they return.

  • True Damage - Everyone's favourite damage type. X.Borg's Ultimate "Last Insanity" is a suicide move (for his armor that is) that deal 3-sec of physical damage first and then explodes out in True Damage.

4. Chou - Kung Fu Boy

Having been imparted the ancient Asian Kung-Fu by a mystic monk he rescued, Chou is the true epitome of a versatile Fighter. He's also intentionally made to look like Bruce Lee (look at his skill name - Jeet Kune Do)! Except for Marksman and Mage, Chou can easily take on any other roles in a team and is a heavily picked hero by pros.

Why is he so great?

  • Very flexible & can cc/counter most heroes - Depending how you want to build him, Chou is a true fighter who can excel in most roles. Often used as tank or assassin, all of his skills have some form of CC (stun/slow/knock-up) and is one of the most annoying hero to deal with

  • Speed & immunity - His Skill #2 "Shunpo" allows him to dash while being immuned to CC effects. He also gains Physical Penetration + a shield after the dash

  • Good Damage & Defence - He is just good and balanced at everything, including pushing towers. Nuff said.

  • One of the Best Ultimate - Way of the Dragon is one of the reason many pro players favor Chou. Its not uncommon to see a player Shunpo into the backline before the 3rd punch of Jeet Kune Do lands, knocks up the enemies in the air, re-position and use his Ultimate to kick the target towards his team!

5. Barats - Dino Rider

Barats riding on his Dino Detona is a sight to behold, and was only very recently released in Sept 2020. This Desert King who is classified as both Fighter & Tank grows and gets enhanced basic attacks by stacking his Passive. As with newly released heroes, Barats is really overpowered at this point and one of the main reason we are adding him to this list.

How OP is he?

  • Insane Damage - This is especially after his Passive "Big Guy" reaches 16 stacks (out of 25 max), which enhances his Basic Attack with bonus damage, front AOE, AND slow 40%. This is on top of the defensive bonuses he gets from each stack. All his skills are AOE too

  • Powerful CC - All his skills and enhanced basic attacks also afflict CC on his enemies (slow, push/stun)

  • Monster Ultimate - Detona's Welcome grants him 1sec invulnerability while stunning/suppressing the target. If the target gets spit against other enemy heroes or walls, they get further damaged and stunned as well. Each upgrade of the skill also allows Detona to gain stacks of Big Guy immediately after respawning.

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What is Mobile Legends / MLBB?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that was released in November 2016. Since then, the game has racked up over 500 million downloads and has 75 million active players according to Moonton, the Shanghai-based developer.

Immensely popular in South-East Asia, the game has properly structured esports leagues (MPL / MLBB Professional League) in countries like Indonesia, Philippines , and Malaysia/Singapore ongoing. Moonton also hosted its first ever MLBB World Championship (better known as M1) in Nov 2019 with a total cash prize pool of US$250,000 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The game was even included as one of the official esports in the 2019 South-East Asia (SEA) Games, together with the mainstream sporting events. The game is taking the mobile esports arena by storm, one step at a time.

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