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Top 10 FREE Premium Mobile Games in 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Updated 27th Apr 2020 (last update due to reducing offers)

Added - Pocket Academy

Removed - Alto Adventure

Gamers United

As COVID-19 continue to rage across the globe, with more and more countries entering enforced lock-down to break up the chain of infections, the number of people stuck at home are increasing exponentially. You are probably here to look for entertainment, or better yet, a reference on where to get great free games to play on your mobile phones.

Many games developers have stepped up and very kindly offered their normally premium games for free - so that their work of passion can alleviate the frustration and provide the mental relief that many need in this gloomy time. Social distancing does not need to be end of the world!

With so many options to choose from, ZeusX is here to curate the Top 10 premium mobile games that is now free for a limited time only. While these are not the usual games you find in our marketplaces (tends to be more competitive, hardcore or long-lived), we think good stuff should be shared, and these are really excellent games! They are also casual-friendly and super easy to pick up. As these discounts/offers change so rapidly, we will do our best to update this article on a weekly basis so that you have the latest info.

This list is not sequenced in any particular order.

1. Pocket Academy

Available on: iOS

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Kairosoft

Kairosoft specializes in simulation games, and Pocket Academy is one of their many fine offerings (for free now). In this game you are trying to create the best school by creating clubs, classrooms and pick which school events to sponsor, with the ultimate aim being to produce the most successful students. This is only free on iOS now.

2. Alto's Odyssey

Available on: iOS , Android

Genre: Endless running

Developer: Snowman

Yup, this is the stunningly beautiful sequel to Alto's Adventure. If you enjoyed the 1st one, you are likely to love this as well. This is only free on Android.

3. Retro Bowl

Available on: iOS, Android

Genre: Sports

Developer: New Star Games

If you love American Football, and don't mind the retro graphics, this is an excellent sports game! It has a simple roster management while calling the shots on the field. Its perfect for the armchair football coach who is trapped at home!

4. Cytus 2

Available on: iOS , Android

Genre: Rhythm Action

Developer: Rayark

Even if you are not into anime art/aesthetic, this is one of the best rhythm action game (if not already the best) out there. You get 50 over songs in the base game for free, with another 70+ available through additional In-App Purchases.

5. Griblers

Available on: iOS , Android

Genre: RPG

Developer: Anton Lovygin

This is a turn-based offline RPG, where a mixture of exploration, city/town-building, crafting and turn-based tactics awaits you in a boardgame-like feel. The graphics may be cartoony/simple, but don't let this stop you from trying it! What's even amazing is that its done by a indie Russian developer.

6. Legend of the Cartoon

Available on: iOS , Android

Genre: RPG

Developer: Honeydew Games

The game is an idle RPG where you build and protect your time using a variety of stick people and heroes with different characteristics. If you get excited by their unusual slogan - Looks sloppy, but strong heros are coming! - then go download it for free now.

7. Super Gigadroid

Available on: iOS , Android

Genre: Action / Platform

Developer: ASECC

If you like Metroid series, or just some mindless action/shooting fun, Super Gigadroid may be for you. This is basically a 2D side-scrolling shooting action game that brings you to battle through space while collecting power-ups for your Gigadroid. Worth a shot, especially they just recently revamped their controller scheme and is now free.

8. True Horror

Available on: iOS

Genre: Adventure / Horror

Developer: Mohammed Bader Alsharefee

First of all, this is another indie project. So indie that we couldn't find a video link for it. However, the game's scope and potential is really tremendous - boasting to be the first ever video game that uses speech recognition, face cam and Augmented Reality in one game. This is the first chapter of an ongoing tale, and since its free, why not give it a spin?

9. Orbit - Playing with Gravity

Available on: iOS , Android

Genre: Puzzle / Simulator

Developer: HIGHKEY Games

ORBIT is a gravity simulator at the heart of a relaxing yet engaging puzzle game. Launch planets with a flick of your finger, and try to get them into stable orbits around black holes. There are 45 free levels that come with the game, and free access to community created levels too. Another award winning indie game that's is free for grab.

We couldn't find a proper official video, but here's a pretty good gameplay video by a Gaming Youtuber:

10. Dig Deep

Available on: iOS , Android

Genre: Endless Running

Developer: Noodlecake Games

You are an intergalatic miner, together with some friends, search for gold on a dangerous planet (randomly generated). There are multiple miners to play as, each with different abilities, and upgradable gear as you progress. This is only free on Android now.


Hope this list helps you in getting rid of the insanity building up! Staying home should not become a tortue! The credits go to those game developers who are doing this for free. ZeusX is also trying to help out with a waiver of all sales free until 30th June, and free to download at - . Together, let us create a better life for gamers everywhere!

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