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Mastering the Magical Arts: A Comprehensive Guide to Nana in Mobile Legends


In the captivating world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one hero stands out as a true master of the magical arts - Nana, the Sweet Leonin. As a pint-sized mage with a penchant for mischief, Nana has quickly become one of the most popular and versatile characters in the game, capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield with her unique skill set.

Whether you're a seasoned MLBB veteran or a newcomer to the game, understanding the intricacies of playing Nana can be the key to unlocking your full potential as a team player and individual contributor. From her transformative passive ability to her array of crowd-controlling skills, Nana offers a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that can be both challenging and rewarding to master.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the nuances of Nana's abilities, explore her optimal builds and emblem setups, and uncover the most effective strategies for dominating the Land of Dawn with this enchanting mage. So, grab your magical boomerang and get ready to unleash the power of the Sweet Leonin!

Nana's Abilities: Mastering the Art of Transformation and Crowd Control

At the heart of Nana's kit lies her transformative passive ability, Molina's Gift, which allows her to remove all debuffs and become untargetable and immune to damage upon taking fatal damage. This unique mechanic not only provides Nana with a valuable safety net but also enables her to reposition and regroup during the heat of battle.

Nana's first skill, Magic Boomerang, is her primary farming and poking tool, allowing her to deal magic damage to enemies hit on the boomerang's way and return. By maneuvering the boomerang's trajectory, players can strategically strike multiple foes, all while positioning themselves to safety.

The second skill, Molina Smooch, is the cornerstone of Nana's crowd control prowess. This ability summons Molina, Nana's loyal companion, to seek out and transform the nearest enemy hero, dealing magic damage and slowing their movement speed and magic defense. Effectively utilizing Molina Smooch is crucial for setting up Nana's devastating ultimate combo.

Speaking of Nana's ultimate, Molina Blitz is a powerful area-of-effect skill that deals magic damage and slows enemies within the targeted area. If Molina Blitz hits a single enemy continuously, they will be stunned, providing Nana with a valuable window of opportunity to secure kills or disengage.

By mastering the synergy between Nana's skills, players can unleash a formidable combo of crowd control and burst damage, making her a force to be reckoned with in team fights and skirmishes.

Recommended Builds and Emblems for Nana

As a mage-support hybrid, Nana's optimal builds and emblem setups are designed to enhance her magical burst potential while also bolstering her utility and survivability.

Recommended Emblem

The Mage emblem is the go-to choice for Nana, providing a substantial boost to her magic power and magic penetration, along with valuable cooldown reduction. Within the Mage emblem, the recommended talent selections are:

  1. Lethal Ignition: This talent allows Nana to inflict additional adaptive damage on her targets when hitting them with her skill combo.

  2. Inspire: Choosing this first-tier talent grants Nana extra cooldown reduction, enabling her to unleash her crowd control abilities more frequently.

  3. Bargain Hunter: The second-tier Bargain Hunter talent reduces the cost of Nana's equipment, allowing her to build her core items more efficiently.

Recommended Build

Nana's core build typically revolves around maximizing her magic power, cooldown reduction, and survivability. The recommended item sequence is as follows:

  1. Clock of Destiny: This item provides a substantial boost to Nana's magic power and mana, while also granting her increased cooldown reduction as the game progresses.

  2. Arcane Boots: Upgrading to Arcane Boots offers additional magic power and cooldown reduction, further enhancing Nana's ability to spam her skills.

  3. Lightning Truncheon: This item not only increases Nana's magic power but also grants her a unique passive that can deal bonus magic damage on her basic attacks.

  4. Genius Wand: Acquiring this item early in the game helps Nana overcome her opponents' magic resistance, ensuring her skills remain effective.

  5. Divine Glaive: As the game progresses, Divine Glaive becomes a crucial item for Nana, providing her with much-needed magic penetration to shred through enemy defenses.

  6. Holy Crystal: The final core item in Nana's build, Holy Crystal, amplifies her magic power and further enhances her burst potential.

Depending on the game situation and enemy composition, Nana may also consider incorporating additional defensive or utility items, such as Immortality or Winter Truncheon, to bolster her survivability and enable her to continue disrupting the enemy team.

Mastering Nana's Combo and Playstyle

Nana's playstyle revolves around her ability to control the flow of the game through her crowd control skills and burst damage potential. By understanding the intricacies of her combo and adapting her approach to different situations, players can maximize Nana's impact on the battlefield.

Laning Phase Tactics

During the laning phase, Nana's primary objective is to farm efficiently and poke her opponents with her Magic Boomerang. Positioning the Molina Smooch skill near the minion wave can effectively zone out enemy heroes, allowing Nana to safely farm and harass.

If the opponent is transformed by Molina Smooch, Nana should follow up with her Magic Boomerang to deal additional damage and secure an early advantage.

Teamfight Combo

Nana's devastating teamfight combo revolves around the synergy between her Molina Smooch and Molina Blitz abilities. The ideal sequence is as follows:

  1. Identify the primary target, typically a squishy hero such as the enemy mage or marksman.

  2. Cast Molina Smooch to transform the target.

  3. Immediately follow up with Molina Blitz, ensuring the transformed enemy is hit by the area-of-effect skill and stunned.

  4. Finish off the target with Magic Boomerang and any available basic attacks or team support.

If the target manages to survive the initial combo, Nana can utilize her Flameshot battle spell to secure the kill or force the enemy to retreat.

Positioning and Mobility

As a squishy mage, Nana's positioning and mobility are crucial to her success. While she lacks a built-in escape or mobility skill, Nana can leverage her Flicker battle spell to reposition herself and avoid danger.

Additionally, Nana's Molina's Gift passive can provide a valuable window of invulnerability and increased movement speed, allowing her to disengage or reposition during teamfights.

Nana's Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Potent Crowd Control: Nana's kit is loaded with various forms of crowd control, including slows, polymorphs, and stuns, making her a valuable asset in team fights and skirmishes.

  • Burst Damage Potential: When properly executed, Nana's combo can dish out significant burst damage, particularly against squishy targets.

  • Versatile Playstyle: Nana's flexibility allows her to excel in a variety of roles, from a solo lane mage to a roaming support, making her a valuable pick in diverse team compositions.

  • Annoying Poke and Harassment: Nana's Magic Boomerang and Molina Smooch skills enable her to constantly harass and poke enemies, disrupting their laning phase and teamfight positioning.

  • Transformative Passive: Nana's Molina's Gift passive provides her with a valuable safety net, allowing her to reposition and regroup during the heat of battle.


  • Squishy Nature: As a mage, Nana is inherently fragile and susceptible to burst damage from enemy assassins or fighters.

  • Lack of Mobility: Nana lacks a built-in escape or mobility skill, making her vulnerable to being caught out of position or chased down by more mobile heroes.

  • High Cooldowns in Early Game: Nana's skills, particularly her Molina Smooch and Molina Blitz, have relatively long cooldowns in the early game, limiting her ability to spam her crowd control abilities.

  • Countered by CC Immunity: Heroes with access to crowd control immunity or cleanse abilities, such as Purify or Sprint, can effectively counter Nana's crowd control-focused kit.

  • Vulnerable to Flanking Maneuvers: Nana's lack of self-peel or reliable escape mechanisms can make her an easy target for enemy flankers or assassins.

Nana's Optimal Roles and Lanes

Nana's versatility allows her to excel in a variety of roles and lanes within the Mobile Legends ecosystem. While her primary function is that of a mage-support hybrid, Nana can also be effectively deployed in other positions to suit the needs of the team.

Mid Lane

As a mid laner, Nana can leverage her Magic Boomerang to farm efficiently and poke enemies, while her Molina Smooch and Molina Blitz skills can be used to control the pace of the game and secure objectives.

In the mid lane, Nana's focus should be on establishing an early lead, roaming to assist other lanes, and utilizing her crowd control abilities to disrupt the enemy's movements and teamfight positioning.

Roaming Support

Nana's kit also makes her an excellent roaming support, capable of providing vision, disrupting enemy rotations, and enabling her team's carries to secure kills and objectives.

When playing as a roaming support, Nana should prioritize securing vision control, setting up Molina Smooch traps in key locations, and coordinating with her jungler or other lane partners to execute devastating ganks and teamfight combos.


While less common, Nana can also be effectively deployed in the offlane, where her ability to poke and disrupt the enemy's laning phase can create favorable conditions for her team.

In the offlane, Nana should focus on maintaining lane control, utilizing her Magic Boomerang to secure farm and harass the opposing laners, and leveraging her Molina Smooch to create opportunities for her jungler or roaming support to capitalize on.

Regardless of the lane or role, Nana's versatility and crowd control prowess make her a valuable asset in a wide range of team compositions and strategies.

Nana's Counters and Synergies

Counters to Nana

Nana's crowd control-focused kit can be effectively countered by heroes with access to crowd control immunity or high mobility. Some of the best counters to Nana include:

  1. Paquito: Paquito's Feathery Steps ability allows him to dash through Nana's skills, while his Knockout ultimate can lock down the Sweet Leonin.

  2. Wanwan: Wanwan's Mist Waltz provides her with a free Purify effect, allowing her to cleanse Nana's crowd control, while her ultimate can quickly burst down the squishy mage.

  3. Helcurt: Helcurt's passive silence can punish Nana for focusing on her Molina Smooch, while his ultimate can lock her down during her vulnerable moments.

Synergistic Heroes

Nana's crowd control abilities and disruptive playstyle make her an excellent teammate for heroes that can capitalize on her crowd control or provide her with additional utility and protection. Some of the best synergistic heroes for Nana include:

  1. Ling: Ling's high mobility and burst damage potential can be amplified by Nana's crowd control, allowing the assassin to quickly eliminate priority targets.

  2. Hylos: Hylos' tanky nature and crowd control abilities can provide Nana with the frontline support she needs to safely execute her combo and disrupt the enemy team.

  3. Valir: Valir's Fire Wall and Flameshot abilities can effectively zone and disrupt enemies, setting up Nana's crowd control abilities for maximum impact.

By understanding Nana's strengths, weaknesses, counters, and synergies, players can strategically draft and play around the Sweet Leonin, ensuring her magical prowess is harnessed to its fullest potential.

Advanced Nana Tactics and Combos

As players become more proficient with Nana, they can explore advanced tactics and skill combinations to further enhance her impact on the battlefield.

Zoning and Vision Control

Nana's Molina Smooch skill can be utilized for more than just transforming enemies. By strategically placing Molina in key locations, such as bushes or choke points, players can effectively zone out the opposing team and provide valuable vision information to their allies.

Skill Animation Canceling

Experienced Nana players can learn to cancel the casting animations of their skills, allowing them to reposition or react more quickly to changing situations. This technique is particularly useful when casting Molina Blitz, as it can help Nana avoid being interrupted or outmaneuvered by the enemy.

Predictive Ultimate Placement

Mastering the timing and positioning of Nana's Molina Blitz ultimate can be a game-changing skill. By anticipating the enemy's movement patterns and placing the ultimate in their predicted escape path, players can increase the chances of landing a devastating stun and securing kills.

Coordinated Team Combos

Nana's crowd control abilities can be amplified when combined with the skills of her teammates. For example, coordinating with a hero like Estes, whose ultimate can provide healing and shielding, can enable Nana to focus on disrupting the enemy team without fear of being focused down.

Jungle Clear and Objective Secure

While not a traditional jungler, Nana's Magic Boomerang and Molina Blitz skills can be effectively utilized to clear jungle camps and secure objectives, such as the Turtle or Lord, by slowing and damaging the targets.

By mastering these advanced tactics and combos, Nana players can elevate their game to new heights, becoming a true force to be reckoned with in the Land of Dawn.

Nana's Role in the Mobile Legends Esports Scene

Nana's versatility and impact on the game have made her a highly sought-after pick in the Mobile Legends esports scene. Her ability to disrupt enemy team compositions, provide valuable crowd control, and enable her team's carries to secure kills and objectives has made her a staple in the drafting phase of professional matches.

In the hands of skilled players, Nana can be a game-changing hero, capable of single-handedly swinging the momentum of a match through her devastating combo and timely crowd control abilities. Top-tier Nana players, such as Onic Esports' Papasmithy, have showcased the hero's true potential, utilizing her kit to masterful effect and leading their teams to victory.

As the Mobile Legends esports scene continues to evolve, the importance of versatile and impactful heroes like Nana will only grow. Mastering the Sweet Leonin's abilities and playstyle can not only elevate an individual's gameplay but also contribute to the success of their team in the competitive landscape.

Conclusion: Embracing the Power of the Sweet Leonin

Nana, the Sweet Leonin, is a captivating and multifaceted hero in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her transformative passive, crowd control-focused skill set, and burst damage potential, Nana offers a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that can be both challenging and rewarding to master.

By delving into the intricacies of Nana's abilities, optimal builds and emblems, and advanced tactics, players can unlock the full potential of this enchanting mage and become a true force to be reckoned with in the Land of Dawn. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, embracing the power of the Sweet Leonin can be the key to unlocking your team's success and propelling you to new heights in the Mobile Legends ecosystem.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your magical boomerang, summon your loyal companion Molina, and let the transformation begin! The Land of Dawn awaits your magical prowess.

In closing, as we delve into the realms of Nana in Mobile Legends, it's evident that her unique abilities can truly tip the scales of victory in your favor. But mastering Nana is just the beginning of your journey. To truly dominate the battlefield, stay informed with the latest updates and strategies by consulting the Mobile Legend Tier List. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding the meta and adapting your gameplay accordingly is crucial. So, gear up, strategize, and climb the ranks. Unleash the full potential of Nana and your team, and ascend to glory in the world of Mobile Legends. Are you ready to rise through the tiers and leave your mark on the battlefield?

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