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Guide to Navigating the Kaeya Hangout Event in Genshin Impact

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In the Shenanigans and Sweet Wine Hangout Event in Genshin Impact, Kaeya makes an appearance at Sumeru's Port Ormos. The Cavalry Captain claims to have come to Sumeru to relieve the Acting Grand Master but ends up taking an interest in the public's Mora.

Part 1 of the Kaeya Hangout Event provides a closer look at Kaeya's true personality and childhood. Throughout the event, players will encounter old friends while accompanying Kaeya in Sumeru, Mondstadt, and Liyue. To unlock the Sweet Wine Hangout Event, players need two Story Keys that can be obtained by completing daily commissions in Genshin Impact.

During the Hangout Event, players can obtain Kaeya's first ending by choosing the following lines:

  • "Do you want to stop and see the show?"

  • "Can you use an understudy?" After Kaeya's acting performance, players will receive Prince Qubad's Intaglio Quest Item.

To achieve Kaeya's second ending in the Hangout Event titled "A Boat Untethered," help Sister Grace fix the choir rehearsals by selecting:

  • "Where were we just now? Travel expenses?"

  • "We can't spend public money for our own amusement."

  • "We can chill out together, so you can relax without getting bored."

To meet Diluc during the Kaeya Hangout Event, players must make these choices:

  • "Where were we just now? Travel expenses?"

  • "We can't spend public money for our amusement."

  • "I can join you for the souvenir-giving, so you have some company."

Join the Kaeya Hangout Event in Genshin Impact and explore two exciting storylines:

  1. Our Sun: During Kaeya's fourth Hangout Event ending, Klee will make an unexpected appearance. Will you choose to question the travel expenses or find some company for souvenir-giving? Mark your calendars for the day after tomorrow!

  2. An Informant, Or A Friend: Embark on a thrilling wager with Kaeya in Liyue. Discover new horizons as you ask about the travel expenses or let Kaeya take you to an unexplored location.

Unlock Achievements and Rewards: Don't miss out on the chance to secure two achievements! The 'Make Merry' Achievement can be obtained by experiencing all five endings, including the Shenanigans and Sweet Wine. Completing the fifth ending, 'An Informant, Or A Friend,' will automatically reward you with the 'Lucky Coin' Achievement. By accomplishing both achievements, you'll earn a total of 85 Primogems!

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Choose the Right Teammates:

Planning to join Kaeya's Hangout? Don't forget to choose your companions wisely! Diluc, Xiangling, and Mona will make great travel buddies. They have unique abilities that may help you overcome obstacles or provide comedic relief during choral rehearsals. Upgrade your Genshin Impact gameplay experience with the Kaeya Hangout Event by purchasing a Genshin account for sale today.

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