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Fortnite - the coolest & most valuable skins!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Fortnite has come along way since it started originally as a simple co-op game of building a fort with friends and defending it from waves of zombies. The original game, Fortnite: Save The World is still available together with the newer Fortnite: Creative, which allows players to create their own maps and scenarios and invite their friends to participate but the focus of Fortnite’s popularity is of course the Battle Royale game mode with 100 players fight to be the sole winner.

With the inclusion of Battle Pass rewards since the second season of Fortnite, players now not only enjoy the pleasure from playing the game itself but also from completing achievements as part of the tiered progression when they level up with the Battle Pass in the 10 week long “season”.

In Fortnite, there are essentially 6 items that can be obtained to customise the player’s characters:

  • A Skin/Outfit your character wears.

  • “Back Bling” — or a knapsack

  • Harvesting tool — a Pickaxe is so plain, use a rocket power hammer instead!

  • Contrail — what Glider you use while you jump from the skies onto the island.

  • Loading Screen — what loading screen you see (only for yourself).

  • Emotes - to communicate with others and show your pleasure/displeasure.

The in-game store constantly offers new items to customise your characters with, these can be purchased with V-Bucks, which is the ingame currency Fortnite uses, 100 V-Bucks is equivalent to USD1.00, and players can purchase these with real-world money or even earn V-Bucks as rewards as they play through the game. V-Bucks can also be used to purchase the most coveted seasonal Battle Pass which offers limited time skins and items which are not available for purchase from the ingame stored, but must be earned as the player progresses through the game during each season.

These items are only available during the 10 week duration of the season and once the season is over, these items will not be available anymore. The most coveted items in Fortnite itself are therefore the limited time skins and costumes from the various seasons. If a player started playing Fortnite after some seasons have passed the only way to get skins from past seasons is therefore to purchase accounts that have those skins. These accounts are highly coveted and very valuable.

We will take a look at the coolest skins from each of the past Fortnite seasons and why they are highly coveted.

The Best Skins of every season in Fornite Chapter 1

Season 1 : Renegade Raider

One of the rarest skins in Fortnite, the Renegade Raider skin was available to players who reach level 20 in the game and also available for purchase in the Season Store. The skin pays homage to the popular Tank Girl comics and movie of the same name.

Epic has no plans to re-release this skin hence only the players who have been playing since 2017 when it was released would have this in their accounts.

Season 2 : Black Knight

The Black Knight skin, together with its Black Knight Shield backpack item, was the epitome of Season 2 which is also the first season the Battle Pass was introduced. The only way to earn it was to play all the way to Tier 70 before the season ended.

The Black Knight was also the basis for the Ultima Knight skin in Season X of Fortnite.

Season 3 : The Reaper

The Reaper skin was part of the first of many cross-promotional items between Fortnite and other popular media. In this case, this skin was based on the titular character in the John Wick comics and movies.

This outfit required the player to reach Tier 100 in Battle Pass progression to unlock.

Season 4 : Omega Outfit

The Omega outfit introduced in Season 4 added an interesting element to the outfit. The outfit came with a base look but as the player progresses through the season and hits higher tiers, additional customisation items could be added to the base, these include a helmet, chest piece, arm and leg armor and customisable armor accents, which added the glowing strip.

Season 5 : Ragnarok Outfit

The Ragnarok outfit, the ultimate reward of reaching Tier 100 of Season 5 adds a different take on outfit progression, instead of adding pieces to the outfit, the whole outfit would change as the player hits higher level tiers.

Season 6 : Dire Outfit

The Dire outfit of Season 6 followed the same progression format in the previous season, the whole outfit is improved and changed as the player progresses through the tiers, from a human to a half-wolf to a full werewolf with different colored fur and mane. An additional customisation feature that changes the colors of the clothes could also be unlocked.

Season 7 : The Ice King

If the outfit looks familiar it is actually based on the Lich King character from World Of Warcraft fame.

To progress to unlock the different aspects of the outfit itself requires the player to “outlive” opponents in the game, where you have to survive as long as possible. If you are able to survive longer than 10,000 other players throughout the season, you will be rewarded with the gold version of this outfit.

Season 8 : Luxe

Recognising that over 35% of its player base in Fornite are actually female, Epic made the first Tier 100 female outfit in Season 8 with the release of the Luxe outfit. Players were rewarded with different color variations of the outfit as they progressed through the season.

Season 9 : Vendetta

The highlight of Season 9 is a techno-ninja named Vendetta, the outfit again utilized the format of unlocking different addons to his base costume as players progress through the season.

Season 10 :Ultima Knight

The final costume of Fornite Chapter 1 is a revisit of the iconic Black Knight outfit from Season 2, added with more modern stylistic embellishments and comes in different colors. The Ultima Knight closed off Fornite’s Chapter 1.

End of cool skins with closing of Chapter 1?

Even though Fortnite has moved onto Chapter 2 with new maps, skins from the previous Chapter and seasons still can be used, in fact these skins have become much coveted as not only are they unavailable to be obtained or purchased anymore, sporting these skins would mark the player as a veteran of the game.

Currently the only method to obtain these much desired skins would be if Epic brought them back again, which Epic has not given any indication they would at the moment.

If you own any of these, one sure-way to earn some extra cash is to sell it on ZeusX, a global gaming marketplace, for other gamers to buy it off you. Or if you are looking for rare skins including those mentioned above, try out the easy-to-use trading platform.

Check us out with your web browser today - and start sporting that Fortnite skin you have always wanted here.

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