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Clash of Clans Spiky Ball: Tips and Strategies for Success

In the ever-evolving world of Clash of Clans, the introduction of the Spiky Ball has added a new layer of strategic depth to the game's already complex battlefield. As players seek to fortify their bases and vanquish their foes, understanding and mastering this unique piece of hero equipment has become paramount. The Spiky Ball, with its unique abilities and tactical advantages, offers a fresh dynamic to the traditional gameplay, underscoring the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in achieving success in Clash of Clans.

This article delves into the intricacies of the Clash of Clans Spiky Ball, covering essential aspects such as how to unlock it, its best use cases, and developing effective attack and defense strategies with it. Furthermore, it provides insight into leveling up your Spiky Ball, comparing it with other hero equipment to give players a comprehensive understanding of where it fits within their arsenal. By offering a systematic guide to harnessing the power of the Spiky Ball, players can gain a competitive edge, ensuring their success in both offensive and defensive maneuvers within the game.

Understanding the Spiky Ball

What is the Spiky Ball?

The Spiky Ball is an epic piece of Hero Equipment specifically designed for the Barbarian King in Clash of Clans. It first appeared in the game during the Clash with Haaland medal event on May 7, 2024, captivating players with its unique capabilities. This equipment enables the Barbarian King to launch a spiked ball that strategically ricochets across multiple buildings, inflicting damage on each building it hits.

Unveiling its Special Abilities

The mechanics of the Spiky Ball are fascinating and offer strategic depth to gameplay. Here are the key abilities that set the Spiky Ball apart:

  1. Targeting Mechanics: The Spiky Ball prioritizes buildings over troops. It will only target defending troops if all targetable buildings have been hit, ensuring maximum structural damage before engaging enemy units.

  2. Ricochet Damage: Once launched, the Spiky Ball bounces between buildings without hitting the same building twice. This ability allows it to wreak havoc across a wide area, making it particularly effective in weakening enemy defenses before a major assault.

  3. Troop Interaction: It is important to note that the Spiky Ball can only target ground troops. This limitation means that air troops are safe from its impact, requiring players to strategize their troop compositions and attack plans accordingly.

  4. Enhanced Hero Stats: In addition to its destructive capabilities, equipping the Spiky Ball grants the Barbarian King extra damage per second and increased hitpoints, significantly boosting his survivability and effectiveness in battle.

These special abilities make the Spiky Ball a formidable piece of equipment in the Barbarian King’s arsenal, offering Clash of Clans players new tactical options and enhancing their overall battle strategies.

Unlocking the Spiky Ball

To unlock the Spiky Ball, an epic piece of Hero Equipment for the Barbarian King in Clash of Clans, players must participate in the Clash with Haaland event. This event, which first introduced the Spiky Ball, offers players the opportunity to acquire this unique equipment through various means.

Event Shop Availability

During the Clash with Haaland event, the Spiky Ball is available for purchase from the event shop. Players can buy this epic equipment for 3,100 Golden Boots, a special currency obtained during the event. The choice to acquire the Spiky Ball is one among several options available to the players, which also include the Football Archer Queen skin and other decorations. The decision on whether to spend Golden Boots on the Spiky Ball or other items lies solely with the player, allowing for strategic allocation of resources based on their current needs and future plans in the game.

Clash with Haaland Event

The Clash with Haaland event is a pivotal moment for players aiming to enhance their Barbarian King with the Spiky Ball. First seen in the initial level of Haaland's Challenge, the event marks the debut of the Spiky Ball on May 7, 2024. Players can engage in various activities and challenges within the event to accumulate Golden Boots, which can then be exchanged for the Spiky Ball among other rewards.

The event not only provides a direct path to acquiring the Spiky Ball but also enriches the overall gaming experience by offering a diverse set of rewards that cater to different player preferences and strategies.

In addition to the event shop, players have the option to not buy the event pass from the trader. Instead, they can use their medals to obtain the Spiky Ball along with some ores or opt for other decorations. This flexibility ensures that all players, regardless of their investment in the event pass, have the opportunity to unlock the Spiky Ball and integrate it into their gameplay.

The Spiky Ball, at its maximum level, targets nine separate buildings, dealing massive amounts of damage and boosting the Barbarian King's damage and hit points significantly. This makes the process of unlocking and upgrading the Spiky Ball a strategic decision for players looking to optimize their attack and defense strategies in Clash of Clans.

Best Use Cases for the Spiky Ball

In the competitive landscape of Clash of Clans, the Spiky Ball emerges as a game-changing piece of equipment for the Barbarian King. Its introduction has revolutionized attack strategies, offering players innovative ways to dismantle their opponents' defenses. To harness the full potential of the Spiky Ball, it is crucial to understand its best use cases, particularly in maximizing damage in the base core and pairing it with earthquake spells for devastating effects.

Maximizing Damage in the Base Core

  1. Strategic Deployment: The key to maximizing damage with the Spiky Ball lies in its deployment. Players should aim to deploy the Barbarian King near the base core where the Spiky Ball can inflict maximum damage on high-value targets. This requires precise timing and positioning to ensure the Spiky Ball bounces effectively between buildings.

  2. Funneling Techniques: Proper funneling is essential to guide the Spiky Ball towards the core. Using a few Barbarians or Baby Dragons can help clear outer buildings, creating a path for the Barbarian King to enter the core area. Once the outer defenses are cleared, the Spiky Ball can ricochet more freely among core structures, maximizing its damage output.

  3. Complementary Troops: Pairing the Barbarian King with troops that can target air defenses, such as Balloons or Dragons, ensures that the Spiky Ball's ground-targeting limitation does not hinder its effectiveness. These troops can take out air defenses, allowing the Spiky Ball to focus on ground structures without distraction.

Pairing with Earthquake Spells

  1. Enhancing Destruction: Earthquake spells can be used in conjunction with the Spiky Ball to amplify its destructive capability. By casting earthquake spells on tightly packed areas of the base, players can weaken structures, making them more susceptible to damage from the Spiky Ball.

  2. Targeted Spell Placement: For optimal results, players should cast earthquake spells on critical structures that are known for their resilience, such as Inferno Towers or Eagle Artilleries. This softens these key defenses, allowing the Spiky Ball to take them down more efficiently.

  3. Spell Timing: The timing of earthquake spell deployment is crucial. Players should wait until the Spiky Ball is actively engaging with the targeted area before casting the spells. This ensures that the weakened structures are immediately hit by the Spiky Ball, leveraging the spell's damage to its fullest extent.

By mastering these strategies, Clash of Clans players can elevate their gameplay, utilizing the Spiky Ball to its maximum potential. Whether it's tearing through the heart of an enemy's base or synergizing with earthquake spells for enhanced destruction, the Spiky Ball stands as a formidable tool in any player's arsenal.

Attack Strategies with Spiky Ball

Effective Town Hall 16 Strategies

The Spiky Ball, introduced as the newest equipment for the Barbarian King, brings a fresh approach to tackling the most challenging Town Hall 16 layouts. Players can maximize its potential by understanding the strategic deployment of the Spiky Ball in conjunction with other hero abilities and spells.

  1. Targeting Invisibility Towers: One effective strategy involves sending the Barbarian King armed with the Spiky Ball towards one invisibility tower, while the Grand Warden with a Fireball targets another. This dual approach ensures that key defensive structures are weakened early in the attack, setting the stage for a successful raid.

  2. Utilizing the Log Launcher: Strategically deploying the Log Launcher can enhance the effectiveness of the attack by targeting damaged structures, including the Town Hall. This tactic allows for a concentrated attack on crucial areas, significantly weakening the opponent's defenses.

  3. Hero Pairing and Equipment: Pairing the Spiky Ball with the Giant Arrow and Healer Puppet on the Queen amplifies the overall damage output and sustainability of the heroes. This combination allows the heroes to sustain longer in battle, increasing the chances of clearing critical base compartments.

Combining with Other Spells and Troops

Integrating the Spiky Ball with various spells and troop types can lead to devastating effects on the enemy's base. The key to success lies in the strategic use of spells to complement the unique abilities of the Spiky Ball.

  1. Spell Synergy: Using Earthquake and Zap spells in coordination with the Spiky Ball enhances its destructive capability. The Earthquake spells weaken the structures, allowing the Spiky Ball to deal more damage, while the Zap spell can be used to finish off any remaining defenses that the Earthquake and Spiky Ball combo might not completely destroy.

  2. Invisibility and Skeleton Spells: To facilitate the Barbarian King's entry into critical base areas, Invisibility spells can be used to shield him and the Spiky Ball from enemy defenses. Additionally, Skeleton spells are excellent for distracting single-target defenses like Infernos, ensuring the King and his Spiky Ball can maximize their damage output without significant hindrance.

  3. Strategic Troop Deployment: Deploying troops like the Root Riders and Yeti Blimp in conjunction with the Spiky Ball attack can help in sniping out remaining defenses. This is particularly effective after the main defenses have been softened up by the King and his Spiky Ball, allowing these troops to clean up and secure the victory.

By mastering these strategies, players can utilize the Spiky Ball to its full potential, turning the tide in battles and securing victories against formidable Town Hall 16 bases in Clash of Clans.

Defensive Measures against Spiky Ball

Countering with High-HP Buildings

To effectively counter the Spiky Ball in Clash of Clans, strategically placing high-HP (high hit points) buildings can significantly mitigate its impact. These robust structures serve as a buffer, absorbing the damage and protecting more critical elements of the base. Here’s how players can utilize high-HP buildings to their advantage:

  1. Placement Strategy: Position high-HP buildings like Clan Castles or Gold Storages around the perimeter of core defenses. This setup not only absorbs the initial impact of the Spiky Ball but also redirects its path away from vital defensive structures.

  2. Building Selection: Choose buildings that have naturally high hit points, such as storages and Town Halls. Their ability to withstand significant damage makes them ideal for shielding more vulnerable areas.

  3. Layout Considerations: Design the base layout to maximize the distance the Spiky Ball must travel between high-HP buildings, effectively dissipating its damage potential before reaching the core defenses.

Using Storages for Protection

Utilizing storages strategically within the base layout can provide an additional layer of defense against the Spiky Ball. Storages, known for their high hit points, are excellent at absorbing damage that would otherwise be inflicted on critical structures.

  1. Core Protection: Place storages in a manner that surrounds the base’s core. This method ensures that any Spiky Ball targeting the center will first have to contend with these durable barriers, greatly reducing its effectiveness by the time it reaches the core.

  2. Synergistic Defense: Combine the placement of storages with defensive buildings that can target and weaken the Barbarian King before he deploys the Spiky Ball. Defensive towers like Archer Towers and Cannons, strategically placed near storages, can help diminish the threat before it fully unfolds.

  3. Redundant Layers: Implement multiple layers of storages in the path of the Spiky Ball’s likely trajectory. This redundancy ensures that even if one storage is destroyed, others are in place to continue the defensive effort, safeguarding the base’s vital components.

By incorporating these strategies into their base designs, players can enhance their defenses against the Spiky Ball, ensuring that their critical structures are protected and their chances of success in defending against attacks are maximized.

Leveling Up Your Spiky Ball

To enhance the effectiveness of the Spiky Ball, a critical piece of Hero Equipment for the Barbarian King in Clash of Clans, players must invest in leveling it up. This process not only increases its damage output but also significantly boosts the Barbarian King's overall performance on the battlefield. Below, we delve into the specifics of upgrade costs and materials, followed by the enhancements to damage per second (DPS) and special abilities that accompany each level.

Upgrade Costs and Materials

The journey to maximizing the Spiky Ball's potential begins with understanding the necessary investments. The table below outlines the progression from level 1 to level 27, detailing the upgrade costs in terms of Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore, alongside the Blacksmith level required.


Upgrade Cost (Shiny Ore)

Glowy Ore

Starry Ore

Blacksmith Level Required
















Each upgrade level demands an increasing amount of resources, making the gathering and management of these ores a strategic aspect of gameplay. Players must balance their resource allocation to ensure the timely and efficient leveling of their Spiky Ball.

DPS and Special Ability Enhancements

As players ascend through the levels, the Spiky Ball gains formidable enhancements in both its damage output and the number of targets it can hit. The table below highlights the progression of these attributes alongside the corresponding hero boosts.


Projectile Damage (per Target)

Number of Targets

Damage per Second Increase

Hitpoint Increase
















Notably, at its maximum level, the Spiky Ball allows the Barbarian King to launch a spiked ball that ricochets across multiple buildings, damaging each building hit, without targeting the same building twice. This enhancement significantly increases the Barbarian King's damage per second and hitpoints, with an impressive HP increase of 1/4th of a maxed King and the highest DPS increase of any hero equipment. These passive boosts are invaluable for any attack, ensuring the Barbarian King remains a formidable force on the battlefield.

In conclusion, leveling up the Spiky Ball is a strategic endeavor that requires careful planning and resource management. By investing in the Spiky Ball's upgrades, players can significantly enhance their Barbarian King's effectiveness in Clash of Clans, making it a critical component of their arsenal in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Comparison with Other Hero Equipment

Spiky Ball vs. Giant Arrow

When comparing the Spiky Ball to the Giant Arrow, both pieces of hero equipment offer unique advantages that cater to different strategic needs in Clash of Clans. The Spiky Ball, designed for the Barbarian King, excels in causing widespread damage to multiple buildings due to its ricochet ability. This makes it particularly effective in weakening enemy defenses before a major assault. On the other hand, the Giant Arrow, often paired with the Archer Queen, focuses on delivering a powerful single-target damage. It is especially useful for taking down high-value targets like Eagle Artilleries or Inferno Towers with precision.

  1. Targeting and Damage: The Spiky Ball targets multiple buildings, bouncing between them without hitting the same building twice, while the Giant Arrow focuses on a single, high-priority target.

  2. Strategic Use: Players may prefer the Spiky Ball when facing bases with clustered buildings, maximizing its damage potential. Conversely, the Giant Arrow is the go-to option for eliminating key defenses that pose a significant threat to the attacking force.

  3. Hero Synergy: The Spiky Ball enhances the Barbarian King's survivability and area damage, making it ideal for leading an assault. The Giant Arrow complements the Archer Queen's long-range attacks, allowing her to safely dismantle critical defenses from a distance.

Spiky Ball vs. Fireball

The comparison between the Spiky Ball and the Fireball, another hero equipment option for the Grand Warden, highlights the difference in their approaches to battlefield control. The Fireball provides the Grand Warden with an ability to target and destroy enemy defenses with a concentrated explosive attack. This is particularly effective against tightly packed defensive structures. Meanwhile, the Spiky Ball's strength lies in its ability to deal damage to multiple buildings over a wider area, thanks to its unique bouncing mechanic.

  1. Area of Effect vs. Precision: The Fireball offers a focused area of effect damage, ideal for breaking through fortified areas of the base. The Spiky Ball, conversely, covers a broader area, spreading damage across multiple buildings.

  2. Tactical Deployment: Deploying the Fireball requires players to identify clusters of critical defenses for maximum impact. The Spiky Ball's deployment is more about positioning the Barbarian King strategically to ensure the Spiky Ball can traverse as many buildings as possible.

  3. Complementary Strategies: The Fireball works well in strategies that require quickly clearing a path or focusing on high-value targets. The Spiky Ball suits a more gradual weakening of the enemy's defenses, preparing the ground for the main attacking force.

In conclusion, choosing between the Spiky Ball, Giant Arrow, and Fireball depends on the player's overall strategy and the specific challenges presented by the enemy base. Each piece of equipment offers distinct tactical advantages, and successful players will learn to leverage these differences to their benefit in the dynamic battlefield of Clash of Clans.


Throughout the exploration of the Spiky Ball's capabilities, we've uncovered its profound impact on strategic gameplay within the verdant warzones of Clash of Clans. The article has meticulously guided players through the intricacies of harnessing this potent hero equipment, from unlocking and strategically deploying the Spiky Ball to enhance the Barbarian King’s assault and defensive prowess, to leveling up and contrasting it with other hero equipment. This comprehensive understanding not only augments a player's tactical toolkit but also elevates their base's defensive and offensive strategies, showcasing the Spiky Ball as a critical asset in the ever-evolving landscape of Clash of Clans.

Emphasizing the necessity of adaptability and strategic foresight, the article underscores the Spiky Ball's role in navigating the complexities of contemporary base layouts and enemy defenses. By equipping players with the knowledge to maximize the Spiky Ball's potential, whether through deliberate upgrading or in concert with other spells and troops, it empowers them to forge victorious paths in their battles. The broader implications of these strategies reverberate through their Clash of Clans journey, inviting further exploration and mastery of the game's multifaceted dimensions. As players continue to engage with this dynamic environment, the Spiky Ball stands as a testament to the innovative strategies that lie at the heart of Clash of Clans' enduring appeal.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Spiky Ball in Clash of Clans adds an exciting new element to the game, offering players unique strategies and challenges. With the recent Clash of Clans Temperamental Tentacles Update, the game continues to evolve, bringing fresh content and thrilling experiences to its dedicated player base.

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