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An Early Look: Could Blue Protocol Offer the Competition Genshin Impact Is Searching For?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Step into the world of Blue Protocol, the highly anticipated title from Bandai Namco and Amazon Games set to release in 2024. As Genshin Impact continues to dominate, Blue Protocol emerges as a captivating alternative for PS5 players. This online RPG boasts a vibrant universe and a roster of anime-inspired fighters, promising exciting competition in the gaming realm.

Right from the start, it becomes evident that Blue Protocol offers an immersive experience akin to a second life. Brace yourself for a free-to-play adventure that introduces buzzwords like Battle Passes, cosmetic items, and microtransactions. However, the game's intense allure should not be overshadowed, as it caters to a wider audience than just avid single-player buyers.

Given the immense scope of this expansive online RPG, our brief encounter during a preview event only provided a glimpse of what awaits. Within a limited timeframe of less than an hour, we dabbled in character creation, witnessed a captivating introductory cutscene, completed the tutorial, and explored multiple open zones. Finally, we embarked on a structured dungeon adventure alongside a party of fellow journalists. The journey into Blue Protocol has just begun, and there is so much more to discover. So, gear up, join the ranks, and prepare for an enthralling expedition into this mesmerizing game.

The combat in Blue Protocol offers an immersive real-time experience. A skill bar at the bottom of the screen provides a plethora of abilities to equip and unleash. The game features five unique classes, each with its distinct feel. You can start as a traditional sword and shield fighter and later switch to a fierce female Twin Striker wielding two battle axes. With multiple character slots, you can explore all the classes and their unique gameplay.

During our demo, we found ourselves in the midst of action with no clear objective. Although the main quests were highlighted, we lacked context. As a result, we spent most of our time aimlessly exploring the expansive zones. Demonstrating the scale of such a game in a limited time is challenging, but credit goes to Bandai Namco for their efforts. Despite the lack of direction, our enthusiasm was sparked when encountering diverse wildlife and engaging in combat. Thankfully, a convenient mount feature allowed us to traverse the map quickly.

However, the true essence of the demo emerged when we joined forces as a group, working towards a common goal. Each player contributed their role, accentuating the synergies between abilities and class types. Blue Protocol truly shines as a multiplayer game, although you can still enjoy most of the content solo. Our skills unleashed satisfying explosions, while healers held the fort in the background, ensuring we didn't exhaust the limited revives available. If the game consistently provides combat-focused situations like this, it has great potential for an engaging online RPG experience.

Step into our demo and prepare to be amazed because the real magic lies beneath the surface. In just a short 45-minute hands-on session, we barely scratched the game's potential. The menu alone offers a plethora of options that you'd expect from a title like Genshin Impact - quests, character screens, maps, and a treasure trove of items. Bandai Namco and Amazon Games aren't holding back; they're aiming for the top spot. With satisfying combat and vast worlds to explore and plunder, Genshin Impact better keep an eye out next year. But watch out because in 2024, Blue Protocol arrives, following its successful launch in Japan, ready to challenge the online gaming dominion.

It's your chance to cross the bridge between these dimensions, sharpen your skills, and prepare for the grandeur Blue Protocol has in store. Get ahead of the rush, start your journey today, and remember, Genshin Impact is just the beginning. The true adventure awaits in Blue Protocol. Are you ready to rise to the challenge? So, folks, gear up and get ready to step into the captivating world of Blue Protocol. But why wait till 2024 when you can start your adventure right away? We have an exciting offer for you - Grab a Genshin Impact Account and immerse yourself in the epic journey that mirrors the thrill and spectacle of the Blue World.

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