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Roblox Partnering with Warner Bros: Driving Gen Z to 'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire'

To capture the attention of Gen Z and boost the opening weekend for "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire," Warner Bros. and Legendary have teamed up with the popular online platform Roblox. This partnership aims to leverage Roblox's massive user base and immersive experiences to engage young audiences and encourage them to head to the theatres.

The Power of Roblox

Roblox is an online platform that enables users to create and play games, attracting 71.5 million active users daily. With an average of 2.4 hours daily on the platform, Roblox has become a virtual hangout for Gen Z, the 12 to 27-year-old demographic. This demographic is particularly important for Warner Bros. as they target families and the theatre experience for the release of "Godzilla x Kong."

The Interactive Trailer

To engage Roblox users, Warner Bros. developed an interactive trailer for "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire." This trailer allows players to enter the movie's Hollow Earth world through a 2D video. Users navigate through an obstacle course, a "hobby" in Roblox, accompanied by Suko, the Mini-Kong, and collect movie-themed crystals.

The immersive nature of the interactive trailer has impressed Warner Bros. executives, with users spending an average of nearly eight minutes interacting with the "Godzilla x Kong Obby." This extended engagement increases the likelihood of users requesting tickets to the movie or purchasing them themselves.

Utilizing Roblox's Influence

Roblox's influence stretches beyond its platform. The partnership between Roblox and Warner Bros. has capitalized on the power of social media by leveraging Roblox influencers to create user-generated content surrounding the movie's trailer. These influencers promote the film further, generating additional social media hype.

Jonathan Gustavii, the director of strategic partnerships at Swedish studio The Gang, which developed the playable trailer for Roblox and Warner Bros., sees this collaboration as the next frontier in marketing for entertainment brands. This partnership provides an immersive setting for users to engage with iconic IPs in an entirely new way.

Collaborations with Studios

While the interactive trailer for "Godzilla x Kong" is the first of its kind, Roblox has a history of successful collaborations with studios. Last summer, they partnered with Warner Bros. for the release of "Barbie," and they also teamed up with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures for a "Saw" franchise experience. These collaborations demonstrate the versatility of Roblox as a platform for promoting various types of movies to different target audiences.

The Future of Roblox Partnerships

According to Todd Lichten, the head of entertainment partnerships at Roblox, the collaboration with Warner Bros. is just the beginning. Roblox has big projects in the pipeline that align with the spirit of theatrical marketing, paving the way for more persistent experiences. Creators and directors are approaching Roblox with ideas that extend and enhance their existing IPs, utilizing the platform's community, social features, and gift-giving capabilities.

Lichten highlights successful collaborations, such as the one with Jon Favreau and Fairview Entertainment, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of "Elf" on the platform. This collaboration aimed to embrace the best components of Roblox, including community, social interactions, and gift-giving, to breathe new life into the IP.

The Success of IP Partnerships

Roblox's partnerships extend beyond gaming entities, allowing for diverse collaborations. For example, collaboration with "Barbie" enabled users to build dream houses and seamlessly interact with each other's homes. Similarly, the partnership with "SpongeBob SquarePants" brought the beloved characters to life in the Roblox universe.

The success of these IP partnerships showcases the breadth of Roblox as a platform. It is not limited to gaming but also serves as a space for hangouts, creative expression, and social interactions. With every collaboration, Roblox uncovers new possibilities and continues to explore the platform's full potential.

Privacy and Customization

Roblox partnering with Warner Bros. prioritize user privacy and data protection. They provide options for users to customize their privacy settings and manage their choices regarding using cookies and personal data. Users can change their preferences anytime through the privacy settings or dashboard on Roblox's sites and apps.

Warner Bros. and Roblox adhere to strict privacy policies and comply with relevant regulations to protect user information. Transparency and consent are essential components of their approach to data usage, and users have control over their preferences.


The partnership between Roblox and Warner Bros. demonstrates the power of collaboration between a popular online platform and a major entertainment brand. By leveraging Roblox's massive user base and immersive experiences, Warner Bros. successfully engages Gen Z audiences and boosts theatres' attendance for "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire." With Roblox's growing influence and successful IP partnerships, the future holds exciting possibilities for both the platform and the entertainment industry.

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