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Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version: Everything You Need to Know

Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version, also known as "The Prisoner in The Cave," is a significant update that introduces a new chapter to the game's storyline and introduces two new playable characters. The update is packed with exciting content that will enhance the gameplay experience for both new and existing players.

Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version: New Story Chapter and Characters

The highlight of Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version is the addition of Chapter 5: The Prisoner in the Cave. This new chapter takes players on an adventure to an unexplored island alongside Timekeeper Vertin and her companions. Along the way, players will encounter two new playable characters: 37 and Six.

37 is a DPS support and follow-up attacker with a unique mechanic called Eureka. Her kit revolves around buffing herself and the team while dealing significant Genesis damage. She brings a fresh strategic element to the game and will be a valuable addition to any team.

Six, on the other hand, is a purified debuff support character who excels at applying debuffs and buffs to manipulate the battlefield. His kit revolves around managing "Stacks" to maximize his effectiveness. With Six on your team, you'll have the power to control the flow of battle and turn the tide in your favor.

In addition to the new playable characters, Chapter 5 also introduces additional story characters like Lucen and Enigma, who will play pivotal roles in the unfolding narrative.

Special Event and Rewards

With the release of Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version, players can participate in a special event that offers unique rewards. Players will earn a new currency alongside Clear Drops, which can be exchanged for rewards such as the new Side Cube "Gluttony," Unog PS Frames, and upgrade materials. This event provides an opportunity for players to enhance their characters and strengthen their teams.

One of the exciting rewards offered in the special event is the free Side Cube "Silent Adorning." This cube is specifically designed to complement 37, boosting her damage and Genesis attacks. It's a valuable asset that can greatly enhance the performance of your team.

Character Banners and 5-star Selector

To celebrate the release of Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version, two new character banners will be introduced. The first banner features 37, Tenant, and Sweetheart, allowing players to summon these characters and add them to their collection. These characters bring unique abilities and playstyles that can diversify your team composition and make battles more engaging.

Later in the update, a second banner will be released, featuring Six, Click, and Baby Blue. These characters offer different strategic options and can complement various team compositions. Players will have the chance to summon these characters and explore their abilities in battle.

In addition to the character banners, Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version also includes a free 5-star selector. This allows players to choose any 5-star character from the general pool to add to their collection. It's a fantastic opportunity to obtain a powerful character that aligns with your preferred playstyle.

Version 1.4 - The Prisoner In The Cave | Content Overview

Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version, also known as "The Prisoner in The Cave," introduces a range of new content that expands the world of the game and provides fresh challenges for players. Here's an overview of the key features and additions in this update:

New Main Story

The centerpiece of Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version is the new main story chapter, "The Prisoner in The Cave." This chapter takes players on a thrilling adventure to an uncharted island, where they will uncover secrets, face formidable foes, and make crucial decisions that shape the course of the narrative. The new main story expands the lore of Reverse 1999 and offers exciting new gameplay opportunities.

New Character Story and Summon Event

Alongside the main story, Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version introduces a new character story and summon event. Players will have the chance to delve deeper into the backgrounds and motivations of the new characters, 37 and Six. Through their character stories, players will gain valuable insight into their personalities and abilities. The summon event allows players to obtain exclusive rewards and enhance their teams with the new characters.

Upcoming Mini Events

In addition to the main story and character events, Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version also features several mini-events that provide additional challenges and rewards. These events will test players' skills and offer unique gameplay experiences. Keep an eye out for these mini-events as they become available, as they often provide valuable resources and opportunities for character growth.

Puzzles and Version 1.4 UTTU

Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version introduces new puzzles and challenges that players can tackle to earn rewards. These puzzles require strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay. Additionally, the update brings improvements to the UTTU (Universal Time Travel Utility) system, enhancing the overall accessibility and enjoyment of the game.

New Garments

For players who enjoy customizing their characters, Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version introduces a range of new garments. These garments allow players to change the appearance of their characters, giving them a unique and personalized look. The new garments offer a variety of styles and designs, allowing players to express their individuality and creativity.

New Purchasable Packs

To enhance the player experience, Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version includes new purchasable packs that provide exclusive benefits and resources. These packs offer a convenient way to accelerate character growth and progression, allowing players to unlock new abilities and reach higher levels of power. Whether you're a new player looking for a boost or a seasoned veteran seeking new challenges, these packs offer something for everyone.

Additional Updates

Alongside the major additions mentioned above, Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version includes various quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. These updates aim to enhance the overall stability and performance of the game, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.


Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version is a significant milestone for the game, introducing new story content, characters, events, and rewards. With the addition of Chapter 5, players will embark on an exciting new adventure and uncover the mysteries of the uncharted island. The new characters, 37 and Six, bring unique abilities and playstyles that add depth to the gameplay experience. Additionally, the special events, character banners, and free 5-star selector offer valuable opportunities for character growth and team development.

As players dive into Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version, they can expect a wealth of engaging content, challenging gameplay, and exciting rewards. Whether you're a fan of the game or a newcomer, this update promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. So gather your team, explore the new chapter, and embrace the adventure that awaits in Reverse 1999 Update 1.4 Version.

Remember, the journey is just beginning. Stay tuned for future updates and continue your quest in the ever-evolving world of Reverse 1999.

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