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Reverse 1999 Guide: A Comprehensive Beginner's Handbook


What is Reverse 1999 All About?

Reverse 1999 is a time-travel strategic RPG set in the year 1999, where a mysterious storm has reversed the flow of time. Immerse yourself in a world where Arcanists and humans coexist, navigating through stunning animations and a captivating storyline. The combat system is straightforward yet provides depth, featuring a diverse roster of card skills, tuning skills, and ultimates to master.

Navigating the Story: What Unlocks When?

As you embark on your Reverse 1999 adventure, it's essential to understand the key stages that unlock significant game features. Here's a breakdown of these pivotal stages:

  • Tutorial End (1-1): After the tutorial, you gain access to the menu and unlock the option to double the combat speed.

  • Unlock Traces & Leilani (1-6): Interact with a Trace on the map to add Leilani, a valuable character, to your roster.

  • Dust Farming Unveiled (1-11): Discover a new method of gathering experience materials through Dust Farming stages.

  • Unlock Eagle (1-12): Another Trace interaction rewards you with the formidable character, Eagle.

  • First Melody Tuning Skill Set (1-14): Enhance your tactical options by unlocking the First Melody Tuning Skill Set.

  • Grand Orchestra Skill Set: Clear all training stages, accessed via the notepad icon on main story maps, to obtain the Grand Orchestra Skill Set.

  • Hard Mode (2-6): For those seeking a greater challenge, Hard Mode unlocks at stage 2-6.

  • Insight Stages (2-8): Special levels designed for character upgrades become accessible at stage 2-8.

  • Psychubes and Pneuma Analysis (2-10): Unlock the Psychube system and farm Psychubes by completing the Psychubes and Pneuma Analysis stages.

  • Resonance System (3-2): Unlock the final character upgrade mechanic, the Resonance System, and gain access to the Artificial Somnambulism mode.

Starting Off Right with 'Beginning of the Tale'

'Beginning of the Tale' comprises Beginner Missions that provide a smooth introduction to the game mechanics while rewarding you with valuable resources. These missions serve as an excellent opportunity to learn the basics and earn essential rewards. Here are some noteworthy rewards you can obtain through 'Beginning of the Tale':

  • Resource Refund: By leveling up Sonetto, APPLe, Leilani, and Eagle to Insight 1 (i1), you can reclaim the resources invested in them.

  • The Footloose Psychube: Complete Act 3 to acquire this powerful 5-star Psychube, which greatly benefits Damage Dealers.

  • Laughter and Laughter Psychube: Finish Act 5 to obtain this 5-star Psychube, ideal for Healers.

  • Parade Anthem Skin: Complete Act 6 to unlock Sonetto's exclusive Parade Anthem skin.

It's important to note that 'Beginning of the Tale' missions are independent of the main story progression, allowing you to complete them at your own pace.

Pro Tips for Your Early Game Journey

  • Healers Not Essential Early On: In the early stages of Reverse 1999, specialized healers are not crucial. The game is forgiving, and most characters can withstand the challenges. However, as you progress, having a dedicated healer becomes increasingly important for three-star clears and tackling tougher content.

  • Carrierwaver Carrier: After logging in for five consecutive days, you'll receive the Carrierwaver Carrier, allowing you to select a 6-star Psychube of your choice. Consider choosing one that complements your primary Damage Dealer to optimize your team's performance.

  • Resource Management: While the game may seem generous with resources early on, it's crucial to plan your character upgrades wisely. As you progress, it becomes more time-consuming and resource-intensive to raise characters. Avoid spreading yourself too thin and prioritize your investments strategically.

2. Wilderness: Passive Perks and Resource Management

Unlocking Wilderness: A Source of Passive Income

Once you unlock Wilderness in Chapter 2, take advantage of this feature by setting up islands and buildings. Initially, focus on placing as many islands and buildings as possible, as you can always redesign them later at no cost. The Wilderness provides a valuable source of passive income and character bonds, enhancing your overall progress in the game.

Resource Management: Maximizing Efficiency

While the early stages of Reverse 1999 may give the impression of abundant resources, it's important to manage them efficiently. Here are some tips to maximize resource utilization:

  • Focus on Raising 4-6 Units: Given the high costs associated with 6-star units, it's recommended to initially concentrate on building a team of 4-6 characters. This approach allows for a more efficient allocation of resources and ensures a balanced team composition.

  • Consider Low-Rarity Characters: Don't underestimate the potential of low-rarity characters. They often excel in specific utility roles and are cost-effective to raise. These characters can serve as temporary measures to fill gaps in your team's composition until you acquire higher-tier units.

  • Prioritize Synergy: When building your team, consider the synergy between characters. A well-coordinated team will have a higher chance of success. Look for complementary abilities and playstyles to create a cohesive unit that can tackle various challenges.

3. Team Building Strategies

How to Build a Solid Team

Building a solid team is essential for success in Reverse 1999. When selecting characters for your team, consider the following factors:

  • Damage Dealer: Choose a character with high damage output to serve as the main source of damage for your team. Look for characters with powerful skills and ultimates that can deal significant damage to enemies.

  • Support Unit: A support unit is crucial for enabling your Damage Dealer and enhancing the overall performance of your team. Look for characters that provide buffs, debuffs, or crowd control abilities to maximize your team's potential.

  • Healer: A dedicated healer becomes increasingly important as you progress through the game. Look for characters with healing abilities or support skills that can keep your team alive during intense battles.

  • Defensive Support: Defensive support units focus on protecting your team through healing, shielding, or tanking abilities. These characters play a vital role in ensuring the survival of your team during challenging encounters.

The Starter Choices: Sonetto, Regulus, Eternity, and Lilya

In Reverse 1999, you'll obtain a 5-star character named Sonetto early on, who can serve as a capable Damage Dealer. However, if you decide to summon additional characters, consider the rate-up banners that offer three 6-star characters: Regulus, Eternity, and Lilya. Each character has unique strengths and weaknesses:

  • Regulus: Regulus is a straightforward damage dealer with a unique evasion ability that adds an element of unpredictability to battles.

  • Eternity: Eternity offers a good balance of damage and utility, with the ability to apply debuffs and provide healing through her ultimate.

  • Lilya: Lilya has high damage potential but requires good gear to maximize her effectiveness.

Choose a character based on your playstyle and team composition, keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

Securing a Healer for Success

Healers play a vital role in Reverse 1999, ensuring the sustained survival of your team. While the game provides a free healer named Dikke after eight days of logging in, it's important to understand her abilities and how to utilize her effectively. Dikke offers a combination of healing and cleansing abilities in her ultimate, making her a valuable asset in challenging battles. Consider investing resources in upgrading Dikke to enhance her healing potential and maximize her effectiveness as a support unit.

4. Deep Dive into Psychubes: Your Team's Backbone

Understanding the Importance of Psychubes

Psychubes are a crucial component of your team's strength in Reverse 1999. These gear-like items provide various attributes and bonuses to your characters, enhancing their capabilities in battle. Understanding how to utilize Psychubes effectively is essential for optimizing your team's performance.

Fodder Psychubes: Leveling Up High-Rarity Psychubes

Fodder Psychubes play a vital role in the enhancement of high-rarity Psychubes. These lower-tier Psychubes are used solely for leveling up their higher-tier counterparts. By sacrificing lower-tier Psychubes, you can strengthen your high-rarity Psychubes and unlock their full potential.

Daily Grind: Pneuma Analysis for Essential Resources

To acquire essential resources for character progression and gear enhancement, make it a habit to complete Pneuma Analysis stages on a daily basis. These stages offer valuable rewards and serve as a reliable source of resources to improve your team's gear and overall strength.

The Power of Dupes: Enhancing Psychube Passives

Dupes, or duplicate Psychubes, hold significant value in Reverse 1999. By acquiring duplicate Psychubes, you can enhance their passive abilities, making them even more powerful. Prioritize acquiring duplicate Psychubes for your team to unlock their full potential and boost your team's performance.

5. Daily Routine and Account Progression

What to Do on a Daily Basis

To make steady progress in Reverse 1999, establish a daily routine that covers essential activities. Here are some tasks to prioritize on a daily basis:

  • Interact with the main menu character to receive daily rewards and bonuses.

  • Run Pneuma Analysis stages to accumulate valuable resources for character progression and gear enhancement.

  • Spend all your stamina on various activities, such as story stages, event stages, or farming for resources.

  • Collect Wilderness resources to further enhance your passive income and character bonds.

Artificial Somnambulism: Unlocking Valuable Rewards

Unlocking Artificial Somnambulism in Chapter 3 provides access to valuable rewards and resources. By completing the Surface mode and progressing to the Limbo mode, you can obtain Sharpodonty, Clear Drops for gacha pulls, and currency for the Oneiric Shop. Take full advantage of Artificial Somnambulism to further strengthen your team and progress in the game.

Spending Strategy: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

If you're a light spender looking to optimize your purchases in Reverse 1999, here are some recommended packs to consider:

  • Roaring Month (Monthly Card)

  • Rookie Shopping Day

  • Initial Summon Pack

These packs provide excellent value for pulling characters and acquiring materials for faster character progression. Choose the packs that align with your goals and budget to make the most out of your investment.

6. Glossary of Terms in Reverse 1999

To navigate the complexities of Reverse 1999, it's essential to familiarize yourself with common terms used in the game. Here are some key terms to remember:

  • Understanding AP: Action Points determine the number of moves you can make in a round. Characters consume AP to perform actions, and the availability of AP is tied to the number of characters on your team.

  • The Significance of Tuning Skills and Moxie: Tuning Skills are special abilities that provide tactical advantages during combat. Moxie, represented by dots below the HP bar, can be gained through card actions and specific character mechanics.

  • Insight Levels: Insight Levels, denoted as i0, i1, i2, i3, reflect a character's potential and unlock various passives. Higher rarity characters can reach higher Insight Levels, unlocking more powerful abilities.

  • Other Terms to Remember: Substitute, Psychube, Afflatus, Reality & Mental DMG, Sacrifice Strategy, Resonance.

By understanding these terms, you'll navigate Reverse 1999's intricacies with ease and make informed decisions in battles.

Now also, equipped with this comprehensive Reverse 1999 overview, you're ready to embark on your journey in this captivating time-travel strategic RPG. Harness the power of your team, enhance your gear with powerful Psychubes, and uncover the secrets of the reversed flow of time. The adventure awaits – go forth and conquer Reverse 1999!

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