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Mastering the Art of Leveling Up Quickly in Solo Leveling: Arise


Navigating the intricate world of Solo Leveling: Arise can be a thrilling yet daunting experience, especially for players seeking to maximize their progression. As the protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, ascends the ranks, unlocking new abilities and strengthening his arsenal, the need to level up efficiently becomes paramount. This comprehensive guide delves into the most effective strategies to help you accelerate your leveling journey, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of this captivating mobile RPG.

Unlock the Power of Hard Mode

One of the most efficient ways to earn substantial experience points (EXP) in Solo Leveling: Arise is by tackling the story mode on the "Hard" difficulty. This unlocks after you've completed Chapter 11 in the normal story mode, and the rewards are well worth the challenge. By clearing stages on Hard mode, you'll receive double the amount of EXP compared to the normal difficulty, allowing you to rapidly level up Sung Jinwoo.

Tackle Boss Battles

Within the story mode, it's crucial to prioritize boss battles, as they tend to provide even greater EXP rewards than regular encounters. By strategically focusing on these high-stakes confrontations, you can accelerate your leveling progress and unlock new capabilities for Jinwoo at a faster pace.

Explore Side Chapters

In addition to the main story missions, Solo Leveling: Arise offers a wealth of side chapters that can serve as valuable EXP sources. While these side stories may grant slightly less EXP than the primary chapters, they still contribute significantly to your overall leveling progress. Be sure to clear these side chapters, especially after unlocking the Hard difficulty, to maximize your EXP gains.

Conquer the Gates

The Gates game mode in Solo Leveling: Arise presents another excellent opportunity to earn EXP quickly. These specialized dungeons come in various forms, ranging from normal Gates to Dungeon Breaks and Red Gates, each offering unique challenges and rewards.

Sweep High-Tier Gates

One efficient strategy is to focus on sweeping high-tier Gates, which become available after completing Chapter 5 in the story mode. While individual Gates may not provide substantial EXP, the daily EXP bundles earned for clearing a certain number of Gates can add up quickly, accelerating your leveling progress.

Tackle Challenging Gate Types

Certain Gate types, such as Dungeon Breaks and Red Gates, pose greater difficulty but also reward players with more EXP. By taking on these challenging missions, you can earn significant experience points to level up Sung Jinwoo at a faster pace.

Maximize the Activity Fund

Solo Leveling: Arise features a passive EXP farming system known as the Activity Fund, which grants rewards, including EXP, without requiring active participation. This AFK (away from keyboard) system is a valuable resource, especially as your account level increases, as it can provide a steady stream of EXP to supplement your other leveling efforts.

Claim Rewards Regularly

To ensure you're maximizing the benefits of the Activity Fund, be sure to claim your rewards regularly, as the system has a 24-hour cap on the accumulation of items. By consistently collecting your Activity Fund rewards, you can maintain a consistent flow of EXP and other valuable resources.

Upgrade Jinwoo and Hunters

The amount of EXP you receive from the Activity Fund is directly tied to your in-game level and the levels of your Hunters. By consistently upgrading Sung Jinwoo and his companions, you can unlock higher tiers of the Activity Fund, resulting in increased EXP gains over time.

Leverage Daily and Weekly Missions

In addition to the primary leveling methods, Solo Leveling: Arise offers daily and weekly missions that can provide a reliable source of EXP. These missions often involve simple tasks, such as clearing a certain number of Gates or completing story mode stages, and can be completed regularly to accumulate substantial EXP rewards.

Prioritize High-Value Missions

When tackling daily and weekly missions, focus on those that offer the most significant EXP rewards. This may involve targeting missions with higher difficulty levels or those that align with your current progression goals, ensuring you're maximizing your EXP gains from these supplementary sources.

Consistency is Key

Consistent completion of daily and weekly missions is crucial, as the EXP rewards can quickly add up over time. By making these tasks a regular part of your Solo Leveling: Arise routine, you can steadily climb the leveling ladder and unlock new content at a faster pace.

Embrace the Season Pass

While Solo Leveling: Arise does not directly offer EXP packs for purchase, the game's Season Pass provides a valuable opportunity to boost your leveling progress. By investing in the Season Pass, you'll receive a 30% increase in both EXP and Gold earned, accelerating your character's growth and unlocking new abilities and upgrades at a quicker pace.

Evaluate the Cost-Benefit Analysis

The decision to invest in the Season Pass ultimately comes down to a personal cost-benefit analysis. While the $9.99 price tag may be a barrier for some players, those seeking to maximize their progression and unlock content at the fastest possible rate may find the investment worthwhile, especially in the later stages of the game.

Supplement with Other Strategies

It's important to note that the Season Pass should be viewed as a supplementary leveling strategy, rather than a sole solution. By combining the benefits of the Season Pass with the other techniques outlined in this guide, you can create a well-rounded leveling approach that ensures your Sung Jinwoo reaches new heights of power and dominance in the world of Solo Leveling: Arise.


Mastering the art of leveling up quickly in Solo Leveling: Arise is a crucial aspect of your journey as the protagonist, Sung Jinwoo. By leveraging the strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can unlock the full potential of this captivating mobile RPG and propel your character to new heights of power and influence. Remember, consistency, strategic planning, and a willingness to adapt to the game's evolving challenges are the keys to your success. Embrace the thrill of the leveling grind, and watch as Jinwoo's legend continues to grow in the world of Solo Leveling: Arise.

In conclusion, Solo Leveling: Arise Level Up Fast offers an exciting journey for solo players seeking rapid progression in the game. However, the true essence of gaming lies in the camaraderie and thrill of multiplayer adventures. With the upcoming release of Solo Leveling Arise Multiplayer, the horizon expands, promising epic battles and alliances forged in the fires of teamwork. Embrace the challenge, gather your comrades, and embark on this new chapter together. Level up not just in strength, but also in unity. Join the revolution, and let Solo Leveling Arise Multiplayer redefine your gaming experience. Adventure awaits – are you ready to rise?

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