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Honkai Impact Universe:the Multidimensional Lore

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The Honkai Impact Universe is a fascinating realm of interconnected storylines and characters across multiple games developed by HoYoverse. The expansive Universe intricately weaves elements of science fiction, fantasy, and mythical folklore, providing an immersive narrative experience for players. But understanding the rich tapestry of the Honkai Impact Universe can be a daunting task. This article aims to untangle the web of lore, delving into its cosmology, characters, and narrative structure.

The Honkai Universe, a term coined by HoYoverse, refers to the shared cosmos of their games. The universe concept is all-inclusive, a nod to the idea that the 'universe' encapsulates everything. This may lead to confusion as 'multiverse,' a term often used to denote a collection of universes, technically cannot exist within this framework. However, the Honkai Universe embraces the idea of multiple realities, each with its unique entities and timelines.

Origin of the Honkai Universe Concept

The genesis of the Honkai Universe concept can be traced back to 2014, around the time of Guns GirlZ's existence, one of the early games by HoYoverse. The idea was further solidified with the "Otherworld" light novel, which introduced the concept of parallel worlds existing within a unified universe.

The Honkai Universe is defined by several key concepts that set the stage for the narrative across different games.

Universe vs Multiverse

The Universe in the Honkai context is an 11D structure encompassing all possible worlds. The term 'multiverse' is sparingly used in the original text, first appearing in a dialogue from IX, one of the Aeons of Nihility. The Honkai Universe may be considered a multiverse due to its encompassing nature, although the exploration of additional universes is yet to be delved into.

Imaginary Tree

The Imaginary Tree is a pivotal concept in the Honkai Universe. It is a visual metaphor for the branches of realities resulting from different choices. Each branch represents a unique world, depicting the expansive nature of the Universe.

Sea of Quanta

The Sea of Quanta is another significant element of the Honkai Universe. This chaotic, boundary-less realm parallels the conventional world, filled with smaller, less complete 'Bubble Worlds.' These bubble worlds can inherit any number of dimensions from the Sea of Quanta and find more stability near Ether Anchor Points.

A unique aspect of the Honkai Universe is the existence of different versions of characters. These versions can result from parallel timelines, cloning, data shadows, AI consciousness copies, and cyclic rebirth, among other phenomena.

There is a common misconception among fans who refer to these different character versions as 'expires,' a term used to denote a character from one work designed to be similar to another. However, this term does not apply here as all the games exist within the same Universe, thereby sharing a cosmological connection.

The cosmology of the Honkai Universe is intricate, involving multiple layers of realities and dimensions. It introduces concepts like Imaginary Space, an origin point of the Universe where the laws converge and conventional understanding of time and mechanics cease to apply.

Multiverse Vistas

The 'Multiverse Vistas,' an event outside the game, introduced the term '多元宇宙 (duō yuán yǔzhòu),' translating as 'multiverse' or 'many metaverses.' While this is mostly a nod to the fans, it also suggests that fan works can exist in the lore, albeit outside the main Universe.

Welt Dialogue

The character Welt Yang, the first to crossover from one game to another, provides additional insights into the Universe's cosmology. Through his dialogues, we learn that eons exist and embody concepts, functioning over more than three dimensions but less than eleven.

'Fearsome Fanfare' refers to an event outside the game related to fan works. It introduces the notion that fan creations can exist in the lore, albeit outside the main Universe. This further reinforces the expansive and inclusive nature of the Honkai Universe.

The Honkai Universe is a magnificent cosmos rich in lore and narratives. Its expansive nature, intricate cosmology, and interconnected storylines provide a captivating experience for players. As the Universe continues evolving, so do the reports, characters, and worlds within it, promising an exciting journey for all who venture into the Honkai Impact Universe.

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