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Clash Royale: Top 5 Questions on Clan Wars 2

Updated: May 30, 2023

With the latest Clan Wars 2.0 update out for almost 2 weeks, here are 5 top frequently asked questions coming from players all over:

1) Everything looks complicated. Is there a TLDR or summarized guide?

There is really only 5 key actions any Clan Wars player should focus on (prioritized in sequence below):

a. Setup your 4 War Decks (1 time effort)

b. Do either Duels or Battles to win fame to reach the finishing line

c. Repair Clan Boat when damaged

d. Setup Boat Defence if there is an available slot on the Clan Boat

e. Attack an enemy Boat (situation depends - checkout Qn #3)

Each of your 4 War Decks can only be used 1 time every 24 hours. So you will decide how you want to apply them daily - Duels, Battles, Repair (Defense) or Attack (Offense).

Take note that those who at least reach the finishing line get a much better reward even if they come last, compared to those who did not finish within the week - so always aim to reach the finishing line!

2) Duel or Battle?

Since a player only has a maximum of 4 actions each day, it becomes critical on which action to take and here are the pros and cons of the 2 main fights:

Duel - Best of 3 Fights

  • Pro - About 3.5x more Gold per win (e.g. 2500 gold)

  • Con - About 4% less Fame per win (e.g. 200 fame)

  • Con - You need 3 un-used War Decks to start and if you do not win 2 times straight, you need to use 1 more War Deck to play the 3rd round, leaving you with less flexibility to do other things

Battle - Classic 1v1

  • Pro - About 4% more Fame per win (e.g. 208 fame)

  • Pro - Certainty on what you get, with 1 deck usage

  • Con - About 3.5x less gold per win (e.g. 700 gold)

You get 50% less reward if you lose. In our opinion, go for Duels if you want gold. Else stick to Battles for the slightly more Fame (remember reaching the finishing line is Priority #1!) and certainty.

3) Priority - Should I Duel/Battle or Boat Attack?

If destroyed, your opponent Clan will have to spend all their day's Fame into repairing instead of progressing up river. However, we want to understand if that is worth doing since your Clan Boat will not be moving upwards much with all the decks being diverted for Offense:

  • Boat Battles are a PvE mode, which caps out at level 9, allowing players with under-levelled cards to contribute better

  • Attacking an enemy's Boat defence and taking one tower down gives the same amount of Fame vs losing a 1v1 Battle

  • It takes 3900 Hammers to fully repair a destroyed Boat, with a maximum of 208 Hammers contributed per used deck. This means the enemy clan needs at least 19 decks for the job.

What does all the above mean? Prioritize Boat Attack when:

  1. You and another Clan are closely matched

  2. If you can destroy in 31 boat attacks or less - Mass Attack

  3. Enemy Clan Boat has little remaining defence

4) What are the good Boat Attack decks?

  • Decks with 1 big ground tank - e.g. Giant, Golem, Pekka etc

  • Decks with freeze or clone

  • Decks with 3 Musketeers (efficient)

  • Decks with lower level cards that can take down towers

  • Do NOT include building or spawners

  • Do NOT use Royal Delivery when attacking

5) What are the good Boat Defence decks?

  • Left Tower - RamRider, Hunter, Firecracker & Royal Delivery

  • Center Tower - Pekka, Ice Wizard, Rage and Electro Dragon

  • Right Tower - Royal Ghost, Magic Archer, Skeletons and Giant Skeleton

  • MVP Cards - Giant Skeleton (best), Electro Dragon, Royal Delivery, Firecracker, Ice Wizard, Royal Ghost, Ram Rider, cheap cycle cards (ice spirit, skeletons, rage etc)

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What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale (CR) is a real-time strategy & "card battle"multiplayer game that was developed by Supercell (who also did Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach etc) and released in 2016. It reached US$1 billion revenue within the 1st year on the market and boasts easily well over 100 million active players.

Supercell and Esports are no stranger, with Clash Royale being one of the premier Mobile Esport games around with an well supported league. The Clash Royale League is the official team esports world championship on a league format, developed by Supercell. It consists of 5 leagues: North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and China. It started on August 20, 2018 kickstarting Season 1 of the CRL.

It also kicked-off the Clash Royale Crown Championship within the app itself, with the 1st edition involving 28 million participants world-wide in 2017.

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