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Updated: Sep 15, 2020


Clash Royale has been the premium mobile-only competitive tower rush game since its launch in 2016. Since then it has over 100 million active players globally and has won numerous accolades.

It has evolved since starting as a casual mobile game that players can jump in and complete a 1v1 game in 5 minutes or less, broadening its gameplay to include more game modes including clan vs clan, 2v2, tournament modes that test a player’s skills, to team esports and the Clash Royale League global esports championship which offers over USD1 million as a prize.

In 2018, Clash Royale was one of the games was selected as a demonstration sport at the Asian Games held in Indonesia.

Competitive Play

To be competitive in Clash Royale League, besides grinding to get ingame items, especially cards, having the right cards to create a competitive deck is key in the game. Clash Royale currently has 96 cards, consisting of 24 Common, 28 Rare, 27 Epic and 17 Legendary cards divided into Troop, Building and Spell types.

Deck of current #1 ranked player on global leaderboard
Deck of current #1 ranked player on global leaderboard

Although theoretically it is possible to draw all the cards from the chests you get ingame as you win games or from free chests you get daily, the chances of drawing a legendary card from these free chests is less than 2% and you still have to get enough card tokens to level up the other cards to make your deck viable competitive. It is estimated for a free-to-play player, to be able to max out a competitive deck will take decades. Simply put, it is not viable to grind your way to become competitive in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale is a game played between real people, hence even for casual players the daily grind to climb the ranks and obtain the appropriate cards to create viable playing decks can be a tiresome chore, this is especially so when you meet a string of defeats against players with better fleshed out decks. This can degrade the enjoyment of playing the game immensely.

Cost of buying legendary chests in the in-game store

Cost to become competitive

Spending money in the in-game store on legendary chests to obtain legendary cards which at the same time will also give you the tokens of the other cards is an option. Legendary chests guarantees ONE legendary card which you choose from random picks. Legendary chests costs US$20 for one purchase, it will take 35 Legendary chests to max level a legendary card, which will cost you US$700, and that is just for one card in a deck of 8 cards which will set you back over USD$5000.

To be able to buy legendary chests, you also have to be playing at Arena level 7 and above, which will take between 2 to 3 weeks of dedicated play, assuming no money is spent in the in-game store. Professional players will also have alternative decks to react to different competitive situations, hence having one deck is plainly not sufficient.

Spend your precious resources to maximise your playing enjoyment should cost efficiently. You can check out ZeusX if there are available Clash Royale accounts (to sell or buy), which will allow you to be competitive immediately. All you need is to bring your "A" game.

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