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Starting an Adventure in Roblox Fruit

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

In the world of Roblox Blox Fruits, you're not just setting sail on an adventure; you're embarking on an epic journey through a diverse and ever-expanding world. Inspired by the legendary Grand Line from One Piece, this world is divided into three seas, each with its unique challenges and mysteries. To become the ultimate pirate and claim the title of King of the Pirates, you'll need to traverse them all.

Let's delve into this world of islands, locations, and level requirements, so you can chart your course accordingly:

The First Sea

Starter Pirate Island: Levels 0-10

Starter Marine Island: Levels 0-10

Jungle: Levels 15-30

Pirate Village: Levels 30-60

Desert: Levels 60-90

Middle Island: Level 100

Frozen Village: Levels 90-120

Marine Fortress: Levels 120-150

Skylands: Levels 150-200 (with additional areas at Levels 450-575)

Prison: Levels 190-275

Colosseum: Levels 225-300

Magma Village: Level 300

Underwater City: Levels 375-450

Fountain City: Levels 625-700

The Second Sea

Kingdom of Rose: Levels 700-850

Usoap’s Island: Level 700

Mansion: Level 1000

Green Zone: Levels 875-925

Graveyard: Levels 950-975

Snow Mountain: Levels 1000-1050

Hot and Cold: Levels 1100-1200

Cursed Ship: Levels 1000-1325

Ice Castle: Levels 1350-1400

Forgotten Island: Levels 1425-1475

Dark Arena: Level 1000

The Cafe: Safe Zone

The Third Sea

Port Town: Levels 1500-1575

Hydra Island: Levels 1575-1675

Great Tree: Levels 1700-1750

Floating Turtle: Levels 1775-2000

Castle on the Sea: Safe Zone

Haunted Castle: Levels 1975-2075

Sea of Treats: Levels 2075-2275

As you can see, the journey from novice to legendary pirate is no walk in the park. The world of Blox Fruits constantly evolves, adding new islands and challenges, just like the ongoing One Piece story. So, gear up, level up, and set sail! Your adventure awaits, and your tale of triumph will be one to remember.

Pirate Starter Island

Description: The Pirate Starter Island is where your adventure begins if you choose to align with the Pirates. It's one of the few non-PVP/safe zone areas in the game with non-boss NPC enemies. If you opt for the Marine faction, you'll start on the Marine Starter Island.

Appearance: The island features a cluster of houses arranged in a circular pattern around a grassy area. Beyond the houses, there's a lush green perimeter of grass leading to a rocky beach and several docks. Two fields where Bandits spawn are located next to one of the windmills.



Boat Dealer

Luxury Boat Dealer

Blox Fruit Dealer

Sword Dealer

Home Points

Marine Recruiter

Bandit Quest Giver




  • Similar to the Marine Starter Island, the Marine Recruiter here is placed discreetly, likely to avoid pirates' attention.

  • It's the only island in the game that provides instructions on how to use your abilities, a helpful feature for newcomers.

  • Originally intended to be larger, it was scaled down due to potential confusion for new players.

  • This is one of the two starter islands in the game, alongside the Marine Starter Island.

  • Notably, it's one of the few islands in the game that comes with a map, aiding navigation in the early stages of your adventure.

Conclude your initial exploration of Pirate Starter Island and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey in the world of Roblox Blox Fruits. Remember, the adventure you choose in this game is only limited by your imagination and the strength of your character. And, if you're looking to jumpstart your voyage or enhance your gameplay, consider purchasing a Roblox Fruit Account. With a stocked account, you'll have access to advantageous gameplay features, premium fruits, and a head start on your epic adventure. So, why wait? Elevate your Roblox experience and set sail on your adventure today! Your tale of triumph is only a click away.

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