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Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6: A Holiday Update Worth Exploring

Honkai Star Rail, the popular game developed by HoYoverse, is set to receive an exciting holiday update with the release of Version 1.6. This highly anticipated update brings many new events, challenges, characters, and rewards for players during the festive season. In this article, we will delve into the details of Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6 and explore its exciting features.

Release Date and Event Schedule

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6 is scheduled to launch on December 27, 2023. This update introduces new content and extends the endgame activities by adding two more stages to the Memory of Chaos. Additionally, the patch increases the duration of each phase from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, allowing players more time to complete challenges and earn rewards.

While not all events will be immediately accessible upon the release of Version 1.6, HoYoverse will provide specific dates for each event on its official website. Players should stay tuned for more details as the holiday update unfolds.

Exciting Events in Version 1.6

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6 brings 7 major events, offering a wide range of activities for players to engage in. Let's take a closer look at each event and what it has in store:

Critter Pick: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure

One of the unique additions in Version 1.6 is the Critter Pick event. Players will embark on a scavenger hunt within the game's environment to collect adorable creature specimens. These critters can then be crossbred to create new varieties and mutants, adding a touch of genetic experimentation to the mix.

Simulated Universe: Expanding Possibilities

The Simulated Universe mode receives another expansion in Version 1.6 by introducing the Path of Erudition, a school of blessings. This new addition brings fresh challenges and rewards for players to conquer. Additionally, a new dice upgrade system will be implemented, enhancing the strategic elements of the gameplay.

Virtual Scentventure: Unleashing Fragrant Battles

Prepare for thrilling combat against enemies triggered by various fragrances in the Virtual Scentventure event. Equip special plugins to gain an edge and utilize unique mechanics to emerge victorious. This event offers Normal and Despair difficulties, catering to players of different skill levels.

Planar Fissure: Harvesting Rewards

The beloved Planar Fissure event returns in Version 1.6, offering double rewards for harvesting ornaments in the Simulated Universe. This event presents an excellent opportunity for players to stock up on materials essential for character advancement.

Realm of the Strange: Unraveling Mysteries

The enigmatic Realm of the Strange event also comes back in Version 1.6. Players will venture into the treacherous Caverns of Corrosion to gather relics. Uncover the secrets hidden within and unlock valuable rewards as you navigate through the Realm.

Pure Fiction: A Test of Endurance

For those seeking a challenge, Pure Fiction awaits in Version 1.6. This endgame event, reminiscent of the Memory of Chaos, pits players against waves of respawning enemies. The objective is accumulating points and dealing as much damage as possible within the given time limit. Prepare for intense battles and use unique buffs and upgrades to emerge victorious.

Gift of Odyssey: A Festive Login Event

The popular login event, Gift of Odyssey, returns in Version 1.6. Players will be rewarded with free pulls for the gacha every day they log in. With 10 free draws throughout the update, this event presents an opportunity to obtain valuable items and characters.

Bountiful Rewards Await

Participating in the various Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6 events offers players the chance to earn fantastic rewards. Here are some of the prizes that await trailblazers:

  • Stellar Jades from Pure Fiction and Virtual Scentventure

  • Ornaments, Relics, and upgrade materials from Planar Fissure and Realm of the Strange

  • Free pulls from the recurring Gift of Odyssey login event

  • Lynx, a new 4-star Quantum character

  • Critter breeding and customization options

New Characters and Gameplay Changes

Version 1.6 introduces new story content and gameplay changes alongside the exciting events and rewards. Players can look forward to a major new Trailblaze Mission and the debut of characters like Misha and Sparkle. These additions enhance the gameplay experience and provide fresh challenges for seasoned players.


Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6 is an update that promises to deliver an action-packed holiday experience for players. With a wide range of events, challenges, and rewards, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Prepare for thrilling adventures, uncover hidden secrets, and collect valuable prizes. Stay tuned for more coverage on Version 1.6 as the release date approaches. The Honkai Impact franchise has consistently raised the bar in the gaming landscape with its innovative gameplay and captivating storytelling. As the latest addition, Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6 continues this legacy, bringing a festive and action-packed experience to players around the world. We invite you to join this thrilling journey and witness the franchise's impact firsthand. Immerse yourself in the new challenges, characters, and rewards that Version 1.6 has to offer. Don't miss out on this exciting adventure – dive into Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6 today and be a part of the ever-evolving Honkai Impact universe!

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