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Genshin Impact Event Halted Following Bomb Threat

A significant Genshin Impact event organized by HoYoverse in South Korea has been abruptly canceled due to a bomb threat that was disseminated on social media. This alarming occurrence unfolded shortly after the rollout of the Genshin Impact 3.8 update.

The Genshin Impact Summer Festival 2023, which commenced on July 20 at various locations within Seoul Olympic Park, was intended to span four days, culminating on July 23. Unlike its previous iteration, which took place at a single venue, the 2023 edition aimed to mitigate issues of overcrowding by expanding to two locations.

However, on the third day of the event, local authorities were alerted to a bomb threat via a tweet from a now-suspended user, PingPingMon69. The tweet, posted on July 22, claimed that a pipe bomb had been planted within the indoor venue of the Genshin Impact event at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, also known as the KSPO Dome. The tweet included purported images of the explosive device, accompanied by unsettling text anticipating an imminent explosion. The threat attributed anti-Chinese sentiments as the motivation behind the potential act of terrorism, as reported by the Korean media outlet Globale.

In response to this dire situation, the event was promptly canceled, and authorities evacuated approximately 200 attendees with the assistance of police and firefighters, as reported by Yonhap and government officials. Subsequent investigations at the Seoul venue yielded no evidence of explosives, rendering the bomb threat seemingly baseless. South Korean law enforcement is currently engaged in efforts to identify and locate the individual responsible for the alarming tweet.

While discussions were held among the organizers regarding the possibility of resuming the event in the aftermath of the incident, no official decision has been announced as of July 24.

The unexpected termination of the festival compounds the challenges faced by the popular RPG in recent times. Earlier in the same month, Genshin Impact voice actors voiced complaints about non-payment for several months. Subsequently, it was revealed that the issue stemmed from Studio Formosa, one of the entities involved in managing the game's voiceovers, rather than HoYoverse itself. The company promptly took responsibility and pledged to rectify the situation for the affected actors.

This incident marks the second controversy involving the game's voice actors in 2023. The first controversy emerged in February when Genshin Impact severed ties with the voice actor for Tighnari due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of these developments, we remain hopeful for a resolution that promotes the safety and prosperity of the Genshin Impact community. If you're a fan of the game, don't let these challenges dampen your enthusiasm. Indeed, it's in times like these that the community should rally together. We invite you to join the Genshin Impact community by purchasing a ready-to-play Genshin account for sale at Zeusx. Not only will you be embarking on a journey through Teyvat's seven regions, but you'll also be supporting a community that continues to thrive despite adversity. So, why wait? Visit Zeusx today and let your Genshin Impact adventure begin!

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