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Explore Teyvat's Wonders With the Top 5 Local Specialties in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. It features a vibrant fantasy world with many different characters to meet and explore. One of the most interesting aspects of Genshin Impact is its local specialties; rare resources are found in specific regions that can be used for crafting, ascension, or simply sold for Mora. In particular, Mondstadt and Liyue have their unique specialties: Cecilia in Mondstadt and Glaze Lily from Liyue.

Cecilia is the local specialty of Mondstadt, used mostly for ascensions like Ventis or Geo Resonance Stones. It grows on Starsnatch Cliff but is hard to find due to its low numbers; only 37 flowers can be seen growing there at any given time. On top of that, Flora sells 5 at once so players must act quickly if they want it!

Glaze Lilies are the equivalent resource found in Liyue; more common than Cecilia but still relatively rare compared to other resources like Cor Lapis or Crystal Chunks found elsewhere in Teyvat. They too are needed for ascension as well as Geoculus Resonance Stones - however players

1. Cecilia - Starsnatch Cliff and Flora

Cecilia can be found at Starsnatch Cliff in Mondstadt, a location where the air is especially pure and sweet. It grows in small clusters, typically found on grassy patches of land. Since there are only a limited number of Cecilia flowers available, players must act quickly if they wish to obtain it. Apart from harvesting them from the wild, players may also purchase five Cecilia from Flora – the local flower girl who sells various plants and natural remedies from her shop in Mondstadt's Windrise district.

2. Glaze Lily - Qingce Village, Liyue Harbor, and Ms. Bai's shop

Glaze Lilies are the local specialty of Liyue and can be found in three different locations: Qingce Village, Liyue Harbor, and Ms. Bai's shop in Liyue Harbor. The most common spot to find them is at Qingce Village, where they can be seen growing on hillsides and in grassy fields. At Liyue Harbor, Glaze Lilies appear on the shorelines near Cuijue Slope and Yujing Terrace. Lastly, players may purchase a small number of Glaze Lilies from Ms. Bai's shop in Liyue Harbor as well.

Glaze Lilies have many uses; they are used for crafting various weapons or artifacts, ascension materials for certain characters like Zhongli, as well as Geo Resonance Stones which help raise the level of Ley Lines around Teyvat. Moreover, Glaze Lilies are also used to craft recipes for some of Liyue's culinary masterpieces such as Crock Pot dishes or even desserts!

3. Noctilucous Jade - Multiple locations in Liyue caves and mountains

Noctilucent Jades are a rare gem found in Liyue and can be located in several caves and mountains throughout the region. They are known for their sparkling emerald green color and are highly sought after due to their rarity. The most popular places to find noctilucous jades are at Guyun Stone Forest, Mt. Aozang, Qingyun Peak, Jueyun Karst, and Tianqiu Valley.

Noctilucent Jades can also be obtained from Abyssal Domains in Liyue such as the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern or through special chests found within the Abandoned Islands scattered around Liyue's coastline. Additionally, ore deposits of Noctilucous Jade may occasionally appear in the wild when Ley Lines nearby are at a higher level.

These precious stones have multiple uses; they can be used to craft powerful weapons as well as artifacts for certain characters like Ningguang or even as ascension materials for Childe. Furthermore, players may also use them to create Geo Resonance Stones that boost the levels of Ley Lines around Teyvat.

4. Silk Flower in Liyue

Silk Flowers are a rare type of flower found in Liyue. They are characterized by their exquisite petals, which are said to glow with an iridescent sheen in the moonlight, and their unique fragrance which has been described as being both sweet and earthy. In Liyue, these flowers can be found growing in many areas including remote mountain regions, wetlands, and even near the bustling streets of Liyue Harbor.

Not only does the Silk Flower have aesthetic value to it, but it is also used for various crafting purposes. Its beautiful petals can be used as ascension materials for certain characters like Xingqiu or Xiangling. On top of this, its essential oils can be distilled into a powerful elixir that is prized for its healing properties. The Silk Flower also has the unique ability to create Geo Resonance Stones when planted near Ley Lines around Teyvat; these stones can then be used to raise the level of nearby Ley Lines.

Overall, the Silk Flower is a valuable resource within Liyue and something that all travelers should look out for during their journeys!

5. Wolfhook – exclusively in Wolvendom

Wolfhook is a rare and valuable item found exclusively in Wolvendom. It is characterized by its red-tinged petals and strong, pleasant aroma. This flower has a special ability to detect the presence of Ley Lines nearby even when their levels are too low to be detected by other means. As such, it can be used to identify potential Ley Line locations, allowing players to craft Geo Resonance Stones that boost the power of Ley Lines around Teyvat.

In addition to this, Wolfhook can also be used for various crafting purposes. Its petals can be used as ascension materials for certain characters like Kaeya or Diluc, while its essential oils can also be distilled into powerful elixirs that possess strong healing properties. Furthermore, Wolfhook is also highly sought after by merchants due to its unique properties; it can only be found in Wolvendom which makes it a very rare commodity indeed!

In conclusion, Liyue and Wolvendom each have their unique flora that can be used for a variety of purposes. The Silk Flower is found exclusively in Liyue and can create Geo Resonance Stones when planted near Ley Lines. Wolfhook, on the other hand, is only available in Wolvendom and possesses special properties which make it highly sought after by merchants. Both flowers are incredibly valuable resources within Teyvat and should not be overlooked! Whether you're looking to craft ascension materials or powerful elixirs, these two rare flowers will surely come in handy during your travels around this vast world.

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