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Exclusion of UK in Global Tea Event for Honkai Star Rail Raises Eyebrows

The recently unveiled event within Honkai Star Rail, titled "Cosmic Refreshment Supply," has generated a stir among players worldwide. Marketed as a global tea-themed affair, the event offers players in-game rewards upon purchasing beverages at participating establishments.

This innovative anime game endeavor encompasses several renowned tea chains across the globe, leaving a whimsical void with the omission of UK stores, considering the nation's profound tea culture. Nevertheless, the Cosmic Refreshment Supply extravaganza extends its embrace to Honkai Star Rail enthusiasts in select European countries.

While the event's quirkiness garnered amusement from some quarters, the absence of UK representation triggered discontent among others. Swiftly following the event's announcement, an apology surfaced a mere two hours later, accompanied by the promise of "exciting events on the horizon."

To secure the coveted in-game rewards, participants must journey to designated outlets and indulge in the acquisition of collaborative beverages. This transaction, beyond procuring virtual items, also unlocks tangible merchandise of exclusive nature.

Given the limited availability of these collectibles, prompt action is imperative, guided by the precedent set by previous HoYoverse collaborations. A case in point is the Genshin Impact partnership with Pizza Hut, which met its untimely closure due to its overwhelming popularity last year. While Honkai Star Rail may not wield as vast an influence, it would be prudent to err on the side of caution.

For your reference, the official Honkai Star Rail Twitter account furnishes the comprehensive list of participating establishments for this globally-themed tea rendezvous:

  • United States: Sunright Tea Studio

  • South Korea: MAURITIUS BROWN

  • Japan: cafe on wheels at Tokyo and Osaka


  • Germany: Comebuy

  • Argentina: Hero Anime Cafe

  • Philippines: Happy Lemon

  • Vietnam: Gong Cha Việt Nam

  • Thailand: BEARHOUSE

  • Malaysia: KOI

  • Singapore: CHAGEE

  • Indonesia: RAMU NOSTALGIA

As Honkai Star Rail's version 1.2 prepares to make its debut, strategic choices beckon. It's advisable to seize the opportunity to secure characters like Luocha or Yukong if you seek to enhance your roster of Imaginary characters, especially in anticipation of Blade and Kafka's impending arrival.

Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity. The time is now to join the Honkai Star Rail global tea event. Not only will you be able to savor delightful beverages from around the world, but you will also secure exclusive virtual and tangible rewards. If you've been looking for an exciting reason to diversify your roster of Imaginary characters, this is your perfect chance. So why wait? Head to your nearest participating outlet and let your HoYoverse journey begin! Remember, the more you engage, the better your chances of securing that Honkai Star Account for Sale at Zeusx. Be a part of this global phenomenon today!

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