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Why Sell With Us?

One of our key priorities is – “Support gamers to make a better living from their passion and skills” -  ZeusX will help you unlock your value with the gaming world, earn a stable income and help others achieve their gaming goals in the process. You can sell immediately by just signing up:

1. Get All-Round Protection

We created this secured platform for gamers to trade with peace of mind. Complete your trade and we will ensure you are paid on time.


  • Always Be Paid - As long as you deliver

  • Shielded from Buyer Charge-Backs – Leave fraudulent claims for us to manage


2. Receive More, Receive Easily

We solved global payments for you so that you can focus on what you do best – gaming and selling!


  • Get Paid Everywhere – Many Payment Options for Buyers all over the world

  • Get Paid Easily – PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise (we even Direct Deposit into your bank account), PayNow for SG

  • Get Paid More – 0% fee for 2020, low 5-10% fees in future

3. Enjoy FREE Marketing & Client Base Growth

Being a gaming focused marketplace, be prepared for us to bring the right customers and traffic to you!

  • FREE Content & Ads – We produce specific content and do ads to draw in the right gamers

  • Featured Seller – Be promoted as a trusted merchant if you qualify


4. Access Tools That Make Your Life Easy

ZeusX's user-friendly interface and rich functionality helps you to manage your sales and time effectively.

  • Real-Time Chat – Talk to Buyers LIVE. Easily attach image files. Check if recipient has read your messages. Super!

  • Auto Delivery – Automate account delivery. Don't stay up just to pass simple login info!

  • Stay Tuned for more Feature Packed Updates

Sell with us and join the community by clicking here.

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