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about us

What is ZeusX


Zeus eXchange (ZeusX) is a trading platform for gamers all over the world - enabling them to buy and sell gaming assets like accounts, in-game items, top-ups, services, gift cards and collectibles.


We focus heavily on Mobile Gaming, Esports and Gaming Gigs/Services, and differentiate by being customized to each user and community integrated with content, gaming tools and ecosystems.


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Our Mission

In a heavily segmented landscape, with no true one-stop-shop portal that gamers go - we aim to be that ultimate destination. Through living our purpose & mission:

"To Create a Better Life for Gamers Everywhere"

We believe that if we can follow the right priorities, it is possible to build the most well-known gamer's marketplace in the world.

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Make it really easy for gamers to find gaming stuff that bring them joy

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Support gamers to make a better living from their passion and skills

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Elevating gaming into a lifestyle that we can be fiercely proud of

Our Company

ZeusX is a global gaming company with global outreach. With more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world and expecting to spend over US$150 billion annually, we want to be a global bridge for the community, by helping fellow gamers in different part of the world monetize their gaming assets and connecting them to peers who appreciate their investment of time, effort and money.

As gamers ourselves, we believe that our needs are unique and there are boundless opportunities just by focusing on what makes a gamer happy. Founded by Alex Tay and launched in Mar 2020, it has a clear mission statement and supporting approaches from Day One, going beyond economic objectives. 

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